Tuesday, July 24, 2007


So I did my extra surveillance at pick-up time from gymnastics camp today. My verdict? Gymnastics camp rules!

When I got there, the kids were going through a circular obstacle course that involved jumping, climbing, hopscotching (is that a verb?), and walking across a balance beam. And Jack was right in the middle of the kids, doing all the stuff. And then when they moved them to another activity, Jack tried to stay behind to keep playing. When the teacher's aide came back to get him, he resisted, fervently flapping his hands.

Now, that's the Jack I know and love. It made me happy to see the flapping because it means he was doing something he liked, that he was enjoying himself, and that he wanted to keep doing it.

And then, when they got to their new activity (Duck, Duck, Goose), Jack and Sam both saw me, ran over to me to say hi, and then RAN BACK TO KEEP PLAYING. I don't know if Jack has ever seen me at a pick-up time and not insisted on staying with me. AND he played Duck, Duck, Goose correctly. He waited until he was tagged, went around, tagged Sam, and then ran around the circle giggling 'til he got back to his spot and HE SAT DOWN. Again, unprecedented.

I smiled for the rest of the day.

Oh, and we struck a deal on the popsicles. They got one today and they get one Friday. Seems like a good compromise.

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  1. Yippee!

    Popsicles today for everyone!

    This is awesome news.


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