Monday, August 20, 2007

It's a Girl!

I'm not the girliest of girls.

I'm not a total tomboy, but I don't do a lot of things that are typically "girlie." So it won't surprise you that I had my first pedicure today. Well, it may surprise you, but the surprise is that I actually got a pedicure, not that it was my first.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I went with a girlfriend who gently walked me through losing my pedicure virginity. Her pedicurist used some sharp tool to dig at the corners of her nails, so I was a little nervous when I looked over to see her jaw dropped and a pained look on her face. Things went better for her after she told the lady that it was okay to leave a little dirt in the corners of her toenails.

I, however, got the most awesome dude ever. My feet are so soft and relaxed now. And what with my not having had pedicures in the past, he had a lot of dead skin to sand off. (Rest assured, I'll not subject you to photographs of my feet.)

Of course, as I was leaving, they asked me if I needed to have my eyebrows waxed. In a way that leads me to believe that they all thought I needed to have my eyebrows waxed.

Oh well, I'll settle for being partly girlie.


  1. Never had a pedicure, or even a manicure for that matter. Somehow I could never justify spending the money on myself!

    Maybe I'll get to it before I reach 50, but it's closing in. :)

  2. I'm not too girly either. I hate pink, lace, and frou-frou. (is that how you spell it??) I've always said that's why God gave me 3 boys. :)

  3. bettejo: I totally know how you feel. $30 for someone to paint my nails?! Oh, but worth it--at least occasionally. My husband asked if I was going to get it done more often, to which I replied, "Well, if I have another one before I'm 68, that would be more often, so probably."

    And, cottontales? Oh, I wore those sandals proud today. And got compliments!

    kelly: I can't even imagine what I would do with a lacy girl. Probably throw her in the dirt.

  4. These things can backfire ... I finally started doing my eyebrows right a couple years ago, and now I can't stop! I still stop by the mirror evey morning to see what needs to be plucked -- and it's falling out! (that was meant to be funny ... pehaps I should just sleep instead.)

    Congrats on your virgin pedicure!

  5. Funny -- I had my first pedicure about a year ago.

    And I was really surprised to enjoy it!

    Enough that I've already gone back once...

  6. I started getting pedicures routinely (not way high maintenance or anything, but maybe every 6 weeks or so in the summer) during my first pregnancy. While the rest of my body was going to pot, I wanted at least some part of me to look dignified and non-horrid. Of course, my feet still look horrid right before the next one...that's how I know it's time to go back!

  7. What a treat! I'm quite tempted to do likewise. I wonder how much I'd have a to bribe a babysitter?
    Best wishes

  8. Mmmm. I SO need my toes done... like right now.

  9. WhyMommy, still funny, even when you're tired. I'm too wussy to pluck. Doesn't that HURT? I'm much more off a "rip it all off in one pull" type.


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