Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mother of the Year

Today, a quiz:

Which one of the following moms is the Best. Mom. Ever.?

a) The mom who didn't blink when her 2-year-old reclaimed leftover scrambled eggs from the dog bowl. Scrambled eggs that even the dog refused to eat. Scrambled eggs that he proclaimed "my eggs, my eggs," and then proceeded to scarf down.

b) The mom who impulse-bought three board games (Operation, Connect Four, Mousetrap) at Target because they were games that she either loved or loved and did not have as a child. Spoiled kids? Oh, never.

c) The mom whose child asked, "Mom, can I have a cookie if I finish my chips?"

d) Or the mom who ran over her 5-year-old's foot with a shopping cart at Target. A cart, by the way, that carried that 5-year-old's two younger brothers. And who then had to be asked, "Mom, please slow down, my foot hurts because you ran over it."

Guess what? No matter which answer you chose, I WIN! Who's totally awesome?

Some days you just have to revel in the absurdity of it all. And hope that your kids don't need too much therapy.


  1. Last week Jacob ate ham and eggs out of Bernie's dish. (No, not the food dish, the water dish... which was already full.)

    We win too!

    Dos Mamas

  2. Thanks so much for today's blog. I totally needed that laugh. I too have started a therapy fund for all my "mother of the year" moments. Thankfully J, A and J are very patient and forgiving.

  3. Thanks, C & Dos Mamas. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  4. Not. The only one. Why do you think there are so many of us moms out here blogging? So many of us have cute-but-oops to report -- and in honesty, I bet we all do!

    The games sound like fun.

  5. have you gone to and taken the quiz? i think you'll like it...


  6. Hi miamama! I just went to the quiz and apparently am the most chilled-out mom on the face of the planet. I especially liked the option I chose for the question about what you do if you have to take napkins in to your child's school:

    "Put "napkins" on the shopping list, forget the list when you go shopping, and scrounge up last year's leftover Christmas cocktail party and birthday-party napkins. You know that kids don't notice party napkins any more than they use them."

    I've done that. More than once.

  7. LOL! We all have days like this! My son is eating chips and dipping them in ketchup as I type this!


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