Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shine On, You Crazy Kindergartener

Sam's backpack is packed. His first-day-of-school clothes are laid out. And he's boasting a shiner on his left eye.

Nothing like a visit from social services to start off the school year.

Sam and Quinn were playing and Quinn wonked his head on Sam's cheek. I can tell you from experience that that hurts. And Sam let us know in no uncertain terms that it did.

At least it doesn't look too bad though. The first black eye Sam ever got was way worse. Ironically enough, he acquired that one in the pediatrician's office. He tripped and fell into a chair. Oh, it was dramatic and terrible, but we got very quick medical care.

So my tiny, little baby boy is going to kindergarten tomorrow. I hope I remember to pack him a lunch. I'll let you know how it goes. He gets home at 3:30.


Today was also "Hose Off the Sand Table and Toys and Get Them the Hell Off My Deck" Day. Please notice our impressive selection of plastic buckets.

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