Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I've spent the past three or so weeks killing myself trying to think what the bad guy's name from The Smurfs was. It hasn't been killing me so much that I actually put time into seeking out the answer, but it was kind of bugging me on a regular basis.

Today I was talking to a friend on the phone and my mouth opened up and I shouted, "Gargamel!"

As if I wasn't already enough of a psycho.

Fortunately my friend is as well, and knew exactly what I was talking about.

"But what," she asked, "is the name of his cat?"

Well, shit.

So I actually looked it up on the Internet. And it's Azrael. Isn't modern life amazing? One minute I didn't know their names and the next I was looking at a photograph of a small plastic wizard and cat for sale on eBay.


The reason I was trying to remember his name in the first place, if you're wondering, is because every once in a while I think about a story a friend of ours told us about taking his mom to see The Lord of the Rings. She was not a fanboy in a theater full of them, and when Gandalf came on screen, she asked loudly, "Is that Gargamel?"

If that story's not worth remembering the names of a couple of literary/cartoon wizards whose names start with "G", I don't know what is.


  1. I so do that! I sometimes wake in the middle of the night remembering the thing that I forgot (hmm does that even make sense??) and scare the bejesus out of my husband, LOL. Right now Epiphany is my sons favourite word and he calls it out for no apparent reason..... that and random Simpson/Futurama quotes. Oh and I called out Gargamel when I saw the first line of your post. I have my own special brand of crazy....

  2. Gah! I remember Gargamel. (And that makes me sad.)

  3. I love it. That's totally me. Except I wouldn't be able to hold out one hour before going to my best friend, Google. He's swell.

  4. And how funny is the word "Smurf?"

    I toyed with using it instead of the F-word for awhile, but it was just too silly.

  5. My best friend's husband uses "Smurf" in place of the F-word ALL THE TIME. And it is very funny, though also exceptionally silly - perhaps more so because he's a doctor, and does not necessarily discontinue his habit of saying "What the smurf?" when he's dealing with his patients.


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