Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fear & Loathing in Stimeyland

Why is it that standing farther away from the TV makes something less scary? Quinn seems to think this is the case. If he finds something scary (and keep in mind that his fears include octopi and pieces falling off of spaceships flying to Mars), he'll get off his chair and walk away from the TV.

If it's only moderately scary (octopus), he'll go stand against the wall of the TV room. If it's very scary (space ship shedding parts), he'll walk down the hall and peek around the corner. If it's VERY scary (spider), he'll launch himself into my lap.

When the scary part is over, he'll happily return to his lounging posture in his ass-groove in his chair.

Jack, on the other hand, uses a more classic approach. He covers his eyes with his hands and peeks through his fingers. There is a grumpy squirrel on Jack's Big Music Show that he does NOT care for.

Sam favors the attention-grabbing technique of gluing his eyes to the TV and shrieking, "Turn it off! I'm scared! Turn it off!" This has regularly been the case with an episode of Dora the Explorer featuring a witch. You may know which one I'm talking about. I can't be more specific because I've never seen it all the way through. This was also the case with a particularly unfortunate minivan-viewing of Happy Feet.

Apparently, to Sam, singing and dancing penguins are the ninth circle of hell.


  1. lol!! Ya gotta love 'em, each one is his own little person! :)

  2. They are sooo sweet!

    Even though I am 25 I would be saying turn it off turn it off, wait a minute no turn it off I am scared

  3. When Eleanor (5 yrs) is scared, she just keeps asking me, "Mama are you scared?" and saying "You can hug me if you're scared, Mama." I love that. Sylvia (4 yrs) screams until we turn it off (this has only happened once).

  4. I still go with the putting hands over my eyes and peeking through my fingers approach!

    No better demonstration of the genetic component to personality than your boys' unique reactions to being scared! LOL!

  5. I have occassionally averted my eyes, but I personally LOVE scary movies, TV shows, etc. They get their fraidy-cat tendencies from Alex. But you guys are right, it's pretty cool that they all have their own individual coping mechanisms.

    Ally, I love what your Eleanor does.

  6. TC does the same thing. He'll run to the kitchen and peak around the corner til' the scary part is over.


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