Saturday, September 15, 2007

He's Worse Than My Kids

Try not to picture this, but this morning I was in the shower when I heard a knock on the bathroom door. Alex walks in with the telephone and says, "It's your mom." I slide the shower door open a few inches to show him that, even though he has apparently not felt the steam or heard the water running, I actually AM IN THE SHOWER.

He blankly held the phone out to me and said, "Take the phone."

I was so flabbergasted that I took the phone. And then I was so flummoxed that I turned off the shower and then couldn't remember if I'd rinsed all the conditioner out of my hair.

Tuns out I hadn't. I had to put my head upside down in the kitchen sink when I discovered the big slick of goo still in my hair fifteen minutes later.

I sort of understand it when my kids do it because they're, you know, small children, but my husband? I think I'm going to have to arrange to lead some sort of etiquette seminar for the four (big and little) men in my home so I don't lose EVERY semblance of civilization.


  1. "Tell mom I'm in the shower, I'll call her back." What mom wouldn't understand that even if husband can't? Your major mistake was in your state of schock accepting the phone instead of backing up and letting it get drenched in water and maybe some shampoo. A lot of Eww and GROSS noises and Help!Get that electical appliance out of here. Are you trying to electrocute me? Loud enough for your mother to hear could have been added, too.

  2. Your comment made me laugh really hard. Thank you.

    It turns out, after more careful conversation with my husband, that this was an act of passive aggressive vengence for my sleeping in and then taking a shower while he got up at 6 am with the kids and then started cleaning the house for the people I invited over for today.

    Justifiable? Maybe.

  3. I like how you said that - careful conversation - lol!

  4. anne at annenahm.comSeptember 16, 2007 at 1:40 AM

    Thank you! I am so glad mine isn't the only one. If I try to say, "I'll call her back" he just wiggles the phone at me until I take it. But at least if yours does it too, I can rule out some kind of brain damage in mine.

  5. Your mother enjoyed talking to you. Y.M.

  6. My Hubby is the same. He has come into the bathroom while I am in the shower for the phone and to ask silly questions like where is the bag of chips. He has no problem what so ever about barging in and asking me something but he goes nuts when I do for something important. Oh and he also like to start the laundry when I am in the shower too - but then I do the dishes when he is in the shower ; )

  7. I think perhaps your husband and mine are related.

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  9. Is that language Portuguese? Cool.

    LOL at individual voice's comment, and at the fact that your hub's action was payback.

    All's fair in love and war, right?


  10. Jeez, I would have taken the phone, too, thinking that it was a dire emergency. Bad hubby!

    But glad you got his real motivation cleared up later...

  11. What on earth could he have been thinking?!!

  12. My head could explode in empathy.

    Worse than the shower, though? When I'm napping and he shoves the phone at my head and grunts, "Here." Like, oh yeah, I'm totally awake with my eyes closed and drooling on my pillow. Of course I'll take that call!

  13. I understand your pain. Mine is equally clueless. However I think I can go one better.
    My husband came into the ensuite in our room while I was on the loo and said 'Hang on here she is, she is on the toilet'!!!!!!!!!! He handed it to me walked away!
    AND it was a speech therapist for my son requesting an appointment. Couldn't he take a message? I know there is technically paper in there but no pen.......


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