Saturday, September 8, 2007


I am happy to announce my very first award! Oh, The Joys listed me in an illustrious list of nice bloggers to get this lovely button.

As I understand it, I am now supposed to pass on the love and will happily do so. As this is an award for nice bloggers, I am going to single out all the lovely ladies who supported me via comments after Jack's Great Bus Fiasco of Aught-Seven.

Following is the list of folks whose nice comments I truly appreciated and needed:

Kelly at Life With 3 Boys. (Sound familiar?)
Angela at All Things Angela.
BetteJo at A Bead a Day.
KAL at Autism Twins. (Have you seen cuter kids than these? Ever?)
The Individual Voice (Good luck on all your reading.)
My friend C from Montana. (Get blogging already!)
WhyMommy from Toddler Planet.
Kristi who is Living Life in TX.
Joeymom at Life With Joy. (Let's do that playdate!)
Qutecowgirl at Adventures in Life and Knitting... (Last year her oldest also got off a bus at 5:45. And they live 3 BLOCKS from the school!)
Colleen at A Madison Mom.
Canape at Don't Take the Repeats.
Justice Fergie at MamaLaw.
T With Honey
Dawn at So a Blonde Walks into a Blog.
Nancy at Mom Ma'am Me.
Kelly at Kellyology. (Excellent blog name, by the way.)
Stephanie at Lawyer Mama.
Becky at Deep Muck Big Rake.
Jill, one of the amazing women behind Silicon Valley Moms Blog. And Chicago. And DC.
Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing.
Catherine at Everyday Life as Lyric Poetry.

Wow, I didn't realize there were so many of you. I think I may have broken some rules by passing this on to too many people, but too many of you are too nice. So there.

And thank you. I needed your love when you were giving it.


  1. Oooooh - thanks! That's the sweetest thing! And um - yes I'll say it - very nice!

  2. Thank you for the linky love! :-)

  3. Gee, Stimey. This is my very first award, too. I've been called a lot of things, but "nice" isn't usually one of them. So many people may laugh if they see this button on my site. Anyway, I have no clue what to do with a button. Like, how do I actually replicate it and put it on my site. Is that what I'm supposed to do? I feel so awkward accepting this undeserved award for being nice ONE TIME. What's the etiquette? And upon acceptance, does that mean I have be nice on my blog always, from here on in?

  4. Congrats!! That's a pretty cool thing. And you DO have an awesome blog. I get a chuckle almost everytime I read it and I love reading about your boys. You do a great job@

  5. To The Individual Voice: Yes, you always have to be nice now. Forever and ever. And ever. :)

    I'm sure my husband laughed really hard when he saw that on my blog too. He would probably tell you that I am very much NOT nice.

    But we can pretend. All of us together.

  6. Thank You so much!! This is really sweet. = ).

  7. Thank you! I feel honored - and I hope you haven't had any more fiascos. :)

  8. Thanks so much! I really enjoy reading your blog and I relate to you sooo much!

  9. Thank you. :) Your blog is always a treat. Hmmmm... so, when's good for playdating?

  10. I'm always late to the party! Thank you Stimey. Really.

  11. Nice? I guess that depends on which side of the rake you're on. ;-) Thanks so much for the link and cool button!


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