Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Because I haven't been able to keep you current on the minutiae of life in Stimeyland lately, I've decided to publish this highly entertaining and informative update. (Why are you smirking?)

Without further ado...

Amazing things that have happened in Stimeyland lately:

1. Jack welcomed a child into our house with the child's name. Highly uncommon. Then he looked the kid in the face and said, "Do you want to play hide and seek?" Unheard of. And so Jack, the kid, and Sam and Quinn all played a giddy, satisfying game of hide and seek.

2. Quinn has started napping again. But he's incredibly discriminating in deciding where he sleeps.

3. My computer was able to recover from this:

And that's when the screen was still legible enough to type panicky emails to my boss. It deteriorated from there.

4. Jack, heretofore resistant to so much as touching a crayon, sat down the other day after asserting, "I want to draw an apple tree. And, by God, the boy drew an apple tree:

This may not seem like a big deal to you if you have a non-delayed four-year-old, but I almost baked him a cake for doing this. He put stems on the apples, see? And he wrote (!!) "5-4-3-2-1-0." And see that "1"? That's not just a line; he made a fancy one. Who is this kid, and why does he look so much like Jack?

5. Sam entered and then concluded a prolific "Teddy Bear Phase" of his art. This phase culminated in a series of "Teddy Bear in Forest" drawings created after coming home from school the day they held a Teddy Bear Picnic.

(If I may refer back to amazing item number 4, please notice how intense Jack's concentration is. LOOOOOVE it!)

6. I organized my work space:

See those two white sets of drawers? They've changed my life. Do you see the giant pile of crap on the desk? You don't? That's because it's all neatly organized in my new drawers. Ha ha!

7. I somehow ended up living with this incredible group of guys:


  1. I'm such a worrier, I was actually worried about you and your family when you weren't posting. As a mother of two boys, and the only girl in the house including pets until we got my "daughter, Snowy the Cat" I do identify with the various stages of your adorable boys. There's such a boy thing I learned to love, including those running around until crashing into the rug naps. Your boys are darling. And your desk is pretty impressive, too, not to mention last but far from least, Jack's achievements. Big ones!

  2. Wow, what a fabulous apple tree! Joey hates drawing, too. We save every volunatry picture he makes, because it so rare. He drew a tree once (after announcing it as well). Usually, he draws Little Bear.

    What was up with the computer?

  3. Ooooh!!! Love the picture! Laminate it ASAP girl! I have had wonderful pictures that my kids have drawn that have meant the world to me for the paper to go brown, the crayon fade, get ripped or in one memorable mummy-throwing-herself-on-the-bed-sobbing
    incident accidentally ripped up as a shopping list!
    Then it goes straight on the fridge!
    Congrats on the clean desk! I did away with my desk as it became unmanageable with all the crap that gravitated to it so now I just have a laptop and a bucket of coffee.

  4. Apple Tree, Apple Tree, Apple Tree! Can you hear the chanting coming from our house? We're SO PROUD of Jack's drawing! WD just leaned over here to look at it -- and we likey!


  5. Accomplishments abound, yay!!! But I have to ask - er - did you just notice you live with the guys, or that they are great? :)

  6. Sounds like life is good at your house!! YAY for Jack. I can just hear how proud and excited you are!

  7. TIV: I do the same thing. If someone hasn't posted for awhile, and they usually do, I start to worry about what's going on with them. Fortunately it's usally just life interfering with computer time.

    Thanks to everyone for the kudos to Jack on his apple tree. I am swelling with pride. That's a good idea to laminate it, Kelley.

    Joeymom: The video card on the computer up and died on me, so we had to send it to the Mac hospital. We had a shining moment of hope when we thought that one of the cords was just loose, but no such luck.

    BetteJo: At some point I turned around and said, who are all these boys living with me? No, what really happened is that I saw this photo and fell in love with each of them all over again.

  8. You have an incredibly handsome group of boys. Lucky lucky woman!


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