Friday, October 5, 2007

A Giant Step Forward for Jack-kind

Jack is making some serious progress.

He has started mentioning other children by name. It's not always the right name, but at least he realizes that there are other children out there, and that they have identifying titles. He doesn't usually say the name to the child, but we're taking baby steps.

Then there was this morning:

Jack and I had a playdate with WhyMommy and Widget today and Jack and Widget played together. Honest to fucking God played together. Now, granted, a lot of that was because there was one toy space shuttle that they both wanted, so in order to play with it, they had to be near each other, but still! They swung on their tummies on swings next to each other. They followed each other around. I saw Jack holding a little piece of fence aside so Widget could get through. They (reluctantly) gave each other turns with the space shuttle.

When I asked Jack what his favorite part of the playdate was, he said, "Sharing the space shuttle." (!!!!!) Not: "Playing with the space shuttle." Not: "Playing." Not: A blank stare out the car window. He actually said he liked interacting with another child.

Then he asked, "How do you spell Widget?"

He expressed interest in an animate being. (That's not a pet.) He wanted to know something about Widget. I think I may just have to bake that boy a cake.

I hope you like us, WhyMommy, because we're coming over Every. Single. Day. From. Now. On.


  1. I'm so nervous about my son sharing and being nice and not hitting...I could go on and on.

    Glad Jack did well and made Mama proud!

  2. Stimey,

    We would like nothing better. Wanna come over again next Friday morning? I promise I'll remember the snack next time....

  3. The interacting is SO awesome!

  4. Go Jack!!!! *Doing the "Jack Rocks" jig*

  5. Enjoy your cake. Extra sprinkles.

    Totally awesome. Rejoice in these huge steps Stimey. They are truly cake worthy.

  6. Nothing more to say except "YAHOOOOOO!" Way to go, Jack! (Um, and Widget, too!)


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