Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Study in Contrasts

So it's 11:15 p.m. and I'm at my desk at home working away on the mundane little job I do at night. And the phone rings. At 11:15 at night.

Who would possibly be calling me?

Well, my friend L went to New York today for a one-night trip. Her friend's husband had given her friend tickets to The Martha Stewart Show, and invited L to go with her. So I assumed that she would probably be the only person calling me in what qualifies as the middle of the night in suburbia.

Seconds later L asks me if I watch The Sopranos. I assumed that she had taken some tour of TVdom or something, but no. Next thing I know, I'm on the phone with Furio.

So, to recap:

Me=Sitting at home typing away at my computer.

L=Hobnobbing with the stars and doing shots of some fancy drink involving lemons.

L says she's never coming home.

I asked her to send for me.


  1. Oh my. Was it the vomit? Is that why you want to leave? lol!

  2. and for me.....

    My mother would have a fit. The Sopranos is her fav show!

    Phone ringing at 11.15pm would send me into a frenzy of 'who died', 'what happened' and then murderous anger if I actually had managed to get Boo to sleep!

  3. My heart beats furiously when the phone rings late at night or during the night.

    I don't watch the Sopranos but I would still think that was pretty cool!

  4. Shots? Yum. If Furio was buying? Even better.

  5. HAH! forgive me for reading your blog so late at night, but I have a reason. You will see it later. I think I was too hungover to ever read this post!


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