Monday, October 8, 2007


Have you ever been standing next to someone and mentioned that you have to make 100 black and white copies, and then the person you are talking to mentions that she just happens to have in her car a Kinkos coupon for 100 free black and white copies and she wasn't planning on using it, but because it's such an awesome coupon, she wanted someone to use it, so she gives it to you and you successfully use it and get 100 free black and white copies that you really needed to have made?

That happened to me today.


  1. Wow. The stars were aligned for you.
    Perhaps you need to spend what it would have cost for the copies on a little something just for you?

    Perhaps that is what someone is trying to tell you?

  2. Anne, you are far more eloquent than I could ever possibly hope to be. You wrote that amazing post, and I came up with "Cowinkydink."

  3. That totally rocks. Fate was smiling on you :)

  4. .. yes but - I always wanted to know how to spell cowinkydink - so thanks!

  5. That's great! I hope you bought a lotto ticket today.


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