Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Diagnosis Ho!

I took Jack to his developmental pediatrician today and it sounds like she agrees with me that Jack is autistic. Thank God people are finally validating what I know.

I want a diagnosis so he can continue to get services and also to provide some order to the chaos that is a vague "developmental delay."

She gave me a bunch of homework and research to do about various things, and it will probably take some months to get it done, but we're on our way.

And I'm glad.

Six years ago I would never have been able to imagine writing those words.


  1. I know it's an odd sort of relief; that's how we felt when we got Nik's diagnosis, too. I'm curious about the "homework and research." Anything you can share? We just got the diagnosis and advice to "give him intensive intervention." Um, not so helpful (but that's why we changed docs, too). I hope the diagnosis helps get appropriate services, too!

  2. I'm glad he'll be able to get the services he needs. And it must feel awfully good (oxymoron intended) to have your opinions and observations validated.

  3. My homework and research is just to get some letters from his teachers to give to the doctor. She also wants me to check on our options for next year in the event that we send him to kindergarten or keep him out for another year. I think she's trying to get me prepared to make a decision on that. She wants me to set up an observation in his school in a few months by a (non-county) psychologist, after which we'll have another appointment and then she will probably diagnose him, based on all of that.

  4. It's still hard to hear, even if you've suspected all along. The good thing is that he will get more services with the diagnosis. I feel like J. actually gets more with his autism one than S. does with his PDD. Email if you'd like.

  5. I guess it never occurred to me just how people get a diagnosis. 20 years ago my pediatrician sent me to a Montessori school, who sent me to the school district and the early childhood program. They sent 2 evaluators to my home and tested my son. They made recommendations from there. And then of course the school system had it's special ed people, psychologists and specialists - plus we had an outside speech and lanuguage therapist .....
    It didn't seem complicated at the time - but I guess there isn't just one route to finding out, huh? Never thought of that aspect of it before.
    Very interesting.
    Best news - Jack can get the intervention he needs. Wonderful!

  6. huge hugs to you. Fantastic news. Sounds odd doesn't it? But I am so happy for you. That chapter is over. The new one begins. And you know I am right here with you. If you want.

    (still working on that thing.... will be ready soon)

    Oh and I passed on some Blog Bling to you today. Must have been my Spidey senses that knew you deserved some extra Bling!

  7. Welcome to the club. The official diagnosis has only been good for us. It gave us a name for what we always suspected and with that gave us strategies for that name. It gave an explanation for our child who knew things were different for him. Getting a label isn't getting a cure, but it sure helps to find resources and strategies and validate your worries.

  8. Thanks, everyone! For your kind words and, Kelley, for the blog bling!


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