Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Of Mice and Jack

Here are two seemingly unrelated things:

1. Jack's been watching a lot of Tom and Jerry lately.

2. Jack's sand throwing in the sandbox at school has escalated lately.



When Alex started showing Tom and Jerry to the little dudes, I was skeptical. While amusing, it is also just about the worst example of what you want to show your kids. If you want to find the yang to The Wonder Pets' yin, this is it.

But Alex used to watch it with his dad. And, in fact, this seems to be one of his stronger memories of time spent with his dad. (Who died when he was young.) So it means a lot to him to watch it with his own kids. And since it means so much to him, I've backed off.

But it makes me cringe when all three of my children laugh hysterically at Jerry shooting Tom in the face with a gun. Another fun thing they do is throw pies at each other. Better than guns, yes? Absolutely. And Jack finds this hilarious. He started pretending to throw invisible pies at people and laughing uproariously about it.

Stop me if you see where this is going.


Today I was on the other side of the playground when I saw Jack throwing sand at another kid. So I ran over to stop him, and to his credit he only threw sand two more times, and both times he threw it at me. Mostly on my legs. The second time I heard him say, "I pied you!"


All this time that he's been throwing sand at the other kids, I think he's been pretending to throw pies. Only he's the only one in on the joke. When I asked him if he'd like it if someone did that to him, he answered "yes." And that's probably true. Aaargh!

I guess we'll be having a talk about Tom and Jerry, and real and pretend, and being nice, and thinking about what other people want instead of just what we want. And after I have that talk with Alex, I'll have it with Jack.


  1. Yikes!

    I *almost* bought a Tom and Jerry flick at Target this weekend. Because Tom and Jerry now go to MARS.


    Only, I realized it would be for me & the hubs, not for the kids, so I put it back.

    I'd rather not be pied in my sleep.

  2. Oh, Jesus. If Jack saw Tom and Jerry go to Mars, my life would be over. They would want to watch it all day every day. Oh, that would be a nightmare.

    I'm going to start pushing Roving Mars more instead.

    And who would pie you in your sleep? Widget or the hubs?

  3. oh yeah I had thought about that too and didn't let my kids watch tom and jerry. But my son use to watch power rangers with my step son (5 years older) and boy was that fun!! (i am sure you can imagine what happened)

    I caught on real quick and had a talk with my husband and son.

  4. All the cartoons we watched as children, especially me because I'm older, were nothing but violence as humor. But boys play that stuff with each other even without the cartoons. I think it must be hormonal or something.

  5. Oh here is another movie you do not want your child to see..... Cat in the Hat.
    We had to sacrifice the DVD to the what-were-we-thinking Gods when Boo started saying such pearls as:
    "I will hurt you and make it look like a bloody accident" and
    "I mean it! I will end you!"
    The latter to the school principal when he asked Boo how he was.

    Nice. And Simpsons is banned too cause he likes to pretend he is Homer and you are Bart....

  6. Oh my God! "I mean it. I will end you!" I almost choked on my soda.

  7. My son started watching the Simpsons when it came out (and still does as an adult) - but I had to ban it for a while with the admonition "if you are going to act like Bart, you don't get to watch Bart." He straightened up pretty quick cause he wanted to watch it so bad!

  8. The Cat in the Hat says that? Eych. Thanks for the tip, Kelley!

    And about the pies -- there's just no telling, Stimey. :-)

  9. BetteJo: I used almost exactly your words today. I told Jack, "If you throw sand pies like Jerry, you can't watch Tom & Jerry." So, no T&J today. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!


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