Monday, October 29, 2007


You know what takes a long time?

Trying to shop with this:

This being a toddler who is struggling to carry a basket that is nearly as big as he is, and who insists on stopping to ooh and aah over every item he sees on a shelf.

And then, when you're trying to figure out which item to buy, said toddler puts everything he can find into the basket whilst saying, "Maybe this?" and "I want to buy this."

Of course he was choosing things that are valuable to every two-year-old. Things like USB cables and external hard drives. Because why wouldn't he want some obscure gadget packaged in a bright blue box?


  1. OMG he is precious! So, how much damage did he do to your wallet by the time you got out of there?

  2. I managed to get all his purchases out of the basket by the time we got to the register, although he did almost slip a bag of M&Ms past me.

    Those jerks at Best Buy put them right at kid level on purpose.

  3. How adorable he is. What a good little helper. Y.M.

  4. I like how grandma says "what a good little helper", although I'm sure she didn't say that when you were little. (Hi Doodlebug!!)


  5. That is something we could never do - she clears shelves like it's a Boxing Day sale and she's first in the store doors.

    Great shot (and high five for snagging the M&Ms).

  6. What a darling! Andy has fallen in love with grocery shopping, and does this. He is especially fond of items in red packages.

  7. Oh my. Was he perhaps imitating somebody we know?

    Hmmm. :)

  8. That Q. Precocious, precocious. Maybe he can teach me how to spell it?

  9. Bwahahahah!

    Oh I remember those days, of the basket they INSISTED on carrying, even though it was clearly too heavy and caused them, in swinging it, to knock items off of shelves and stop our forward progress altogether...

    Fun times.

  10. I feel your pain girl. Aiden is going through a 'not fun shopping phase'. That is such a cute picture though!

  11. That is such an adorable picture with all (pre-Halloween) orange and yellow that I just broke into a big smile and had tears rolling down my cheek by the end of reading. He cannot be cuter.

  12. anne at annenahm.comOctober 31, 2007 at 11:54 AM

    He is so cute!


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