Monday, October 1, 2007


I make WhyMommy smile! And that makes me smile. And she gave me this pretty flower that also makes me smile. Yay for smiles! She also makes me smile a lot. And cry sometimes, but I know I smile more because of her. Thank you, beautiful WhyMommy!

I think I am supposed to pass this on to several others, but I am going to pass it to only one because of the sheer joy and heartwarming that these posts gave to me. Although I'm relatively sure she doesn't know I exist, I pass this on to MOM-NOS.

If you want a smile, please go read these posts, in the following order:

An open letter to Dierks Bentley

The long and short of it: On Dierks Bentley's hair and the power of reaching out

Really something

See? You're smiling, aren't you?

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  1. Good choice!
    I read those posts a few weeks ago and laughed cause it reminded me so much of my boy. I have waist length hair, not because I choose to have it that long (I like it long, but when you take a deep breath and hair ends up in your lungs, or when you sit on the floor and someone STANDS on it, you know it is too long) but because my Boo identifies me by my hair. When he is tired or stressed he seeks it out and just holds it. He hates me having it up. So I can so relate to the hair thing.


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