Friday, October 12, 2007

Thank You, My Silver Linings

I want to give all of you that commented on my last post a giant hug. It is phenomenal to me that there are all these nice people that care about how Sam is doing at school. It blows my tiny little mind.

Thank you for your encouragement and advice. Thank you for your own stories from your childhood, and from your children's lives. I will be trying the strategies you have suggested.Thank you for your offers of more email help. I WILL be taking you up on it, you better believe that. You can find my email address in the sidebar if you get impatient waiting for me to get in touch with you. (This weekend is going to be hectic, what with my big six (!) year old's birthday party and whatnot.) But I will get in touch with you who offered.

Cupcake day went well. Mostly. He was so distracted by The Great Shoe Fiasco of Aught-Seven to worry about taking the treats in. See, his regular sneakers were in the wash and his other sneakers are slightly too big and hard to run in. And today was PE day, so he's supposed to wear sneakers. There was much sobbing and anxiety about that. (And much almost-lateness to school, which caused ME much anxiety.) So at least that eliminated most of the Cupcake Stress.

He got off the bus this afternoon waving a paper crown that read "Happy Birthday!" He said everyone liked the cupcakes. He said his teacher told him to go to the bathroom this afternoon, but he's not sure why she told him to do that. (The note worked!)

So I'll keep you posted. And again, Thank. You. You have been a silver lining.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Hope the party is magical and not too stressful for your little guy.

    I find what helps with Boo's parties (and he invites 30+ kids) is to make his room off limits to the other kids so Boo can have somewhere to go if he needs a break.

    More often than not he takes a couple of his closest friends in there with him and the other kids don't even notice!

  2. Distraction! I forgot THAT strategy!! :) I'm happy it all went good for Sam. It's hard enough to be an adult and be anxious about things - but for a little guy who really doesn't always know everything will be okay - it has to be overwhelming for him - and so tough on you. A day at a time. :)

  3. Happy Birthday Sam!! It's a great day for a party :)

  4. Have a great birthday party. I'll think of you as we're having our 6 year old's birthday party today also!! What was I thinking when I invited his whole kindergarten class over?? Lucky for me, there are only 11 kids in his class!

  5. Awesome. And how cool that he was able to go to the bathroom yesterday afternoon without stress (I hope) too.


  6. Late to the party as usual...Hope Sam's party was great!

    And I hope the school anxiety gets worked out. Does it show up in other areas or just around school? I know I have always been slightly phobic about new situations and looking like I don't know what I am doing. It took me until 40 to get over it! LOL (OK, only HALF kidding!). Seems like you got some great advice/feedback fro other commenters. :-)

  7. Happy Birthday Sam!! Can't wait to hear about the party.


  8. Thanks, everyone! Sam's party was delightful. Much sugar was consumed. Many laughs were had. Quinn did a little puking. I'll post about it tomorrow.

    Kelly, I hope your party was good too.

    Sam, fortunately, only seems to have anxiety about school. In party situations, or playdates, he does great. He was a giant ball of happiness today.


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