Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

If you are interested in hearing about Halloween costume hell, feel free to check me out over at DC Metro Moms.

You can read the story of how my first attempt to get a Halloween costume for Quinn failed miserably. Since the time of that post, Quinn has declared that he wants to be Ming Ming from The Wonder Pets. So I've cobbled something together, and with Jack as Tuck the Turtle, I now have two out of three Wonder Pets covered.

What do you think the odds are of me getting Sam to agree to wear a giant guinea pig costume and a blue cape?


  1. Well you will have to think of a really cool name for it. I can't come up with one right now cause I am still boggling about WHY ON EARTH you would have a giant guinea pig costume.......

  2. It is good for me that Bub does not realize that dressing up as a Wonder Pet is among his options... I'm still hoping to use last year's cowboy costume.

  3. Well, Kelley, you are obviously not a viewer of the fine program known as The Wonder Pets. There is a duck, a turtle, and a guinea pig. They wear capes and save baby animals from danger. Because Quinn will be the duck and Jack will be the turtle, Sam's only recourse would have been the guinea pig.

    But he's going to be Superman instead.


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