Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gerbil Watch: Day One

We have some Thanksgiving houseguests:

You can only see one of them here, but there are in fact two gerbils. We get to keep them for the whole weekend. They belong to my friend H's daughter A. When H asked me to keep them, I think she thought I was doing her a favor. Oh no. It is she who is doing us the favor. All the fun of gerbils? Without the long-term responsibility? Awesome!

We took care of a gerbil one other time, and even considering the risk from our pets, she made it back alive. So I'm relatively sure that I'll be able to do that this time.

There was a very sad scene when we took the little dudes at the end of school today. A was heartbroken and started crying when she left because she's going to miss them so much. Jack was delighted, especially when he got to put his show and tell in the cage for them to eat.

(I am such an awesome mom that I sent him to school with an empty toilet paper roll for show and tell. When he got out of the car holding it and using it as a telescope and I realized that I'd forgotten about show and tell, he was good enough to accept it as a good item to take. Later when I asked him what he'd told the class about it he said, "I said, 'I don't know.'" Best Mom Ever. Yet again.)

The kid I babysit a couple times a week—well, it's more of a chauffering position as I mostly just drive him from my house to school and then on to his mom's work—took the opportunity to tell me that he'd had gerbils for dessert last night. He told me that there is a kind of candy called gerbils. Yeah, there's an entree called "squirrel" too, but not at my house.

I was planning on bringing the gerbils home and putting my OED on top of the cage to prevent little hands and/or paws from opening it, but it turns out that my kitchen was built exactly for this type of animal enclosure. The space from my counter to my cabinets is about a half inch taller than the cage. We were clearly meant to take care of these little guys

Of course the uneven space at the top of the cage leads me to believe that either my counter or the cabinets are not straight as they should be. (That half inch is an average.)

So, A, the gerbils are safe and happy. And protected from cat, dog, and Jack harm.


  1. I can just imagine the teachers face as Jack holds up an empty toilet paper roll for show and tell and then says "I don't know..." I'll be laughing all day!!


  2. OMG this brings back so many memories of gerbils, mice, and hamsters when I was a kid. Um, cats and sump pumps (the things that pump water in the basement if it floods) ...NOT a good mix with small rodent-like pets.

  3. Have fun and enjoy the cedar pee smell! We cannot do small furry animals at our house, especially those which belonging to other young children! With Bubba's lack of impulse control and lack of awareness regarding his own strength, well, think Lennie from Of Mice and Men.

    Niksmom, We tried a kitten with Bubba about two years ago and within minutes it was put in the sump pump and thrown over the deck rail. The kitty was fine I think, but we decided the kitty deserved much better and Bubba [still] wasn't ready for a pet.

  4. So much better than owning them! We had a hamster explosion here when my daughter decided she had to have TWO!

  5. Well now I'm nervous. No way I'm letting them near a sump pump, but my cats have had their eyes on them all day. At least there will be no gerbil explosion. Robert and Gnocchi are both boys.

    I hope.

  6. You were lucky dearie. Our 'show and tell' is fixed on the alphabet. Mind you we'd have been ok if it was 'L' for Loo roll!

  7. How fab that you get to have the excitement of a new pet without the long term responsibility! WHOOT! Cause you know the kids will be sick of them in a couple of days..... like Amy. Well the girls are still enamored by her, but Boo? Couldn't give a fat rats arse about her. Oh well.


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