Thursday, November 1, 2007

He'll Be Teaching a Class at the Community College This Fall

To give you all an idea of just how good at getting candy Quinn is, I submit this example:

On our daily sojourn to 7-11 yesterday (Halloween morning), Quinn noticed the King Size Big Cup display (like this, only without the Elvis) conveniently located at toddler eye-level just inside the door. Despite my assurances that he would have scads of candy later that day so he didn't need that now, he continued to ask for it. The 7-11 clerk (and those clerks not necessarily known as a group for their generosity to small children) watched this and then told him he could have it. She said something to the cashier in another language and said to me, "It's okay, he can take it."


Random act of kindness and blatant undermining of my parenting aside, that kid is good at getting candy.

He put this skill to good use later that evening when he started to become clear on the concept that if you're adorable and say "More, please," in a cute enough tone of voice, you will get more candy than all other nine kids trick-or-treating with you combined.

One lady was giving away sealed packages of candy apples, which are clearly a one-a-kid type of item. Somehow Quinn walked away with two.

At our babysitters' house, the mom there eventually said, "I think I need to cut Quinn off," after he had talked her out of a substantial amount of candy.

There was another house where he had ended up in the back of the herd of kids. I watched him artfully weave his way to the front of the pack, politely saying, "Excuse me, excuse me," to position himself in the best candy-getting position.

I lost sight of him at another house, but only because he had barged through the doorway to stand as close to the candy bowl as humanly possible.

Really quite astounding skills for a two-year-old.


Halloween was lovely at our house this year. Quinn, as I expected, did not really wear a costume, just a cape. But that's okay.

Sam was very happy to be Superman. In a burst of good timing, Quinn and I arrived at his school's costume parade literally 30 seconds before he walked by. He spotted us and looked thrilled. And we got to go to the Halloween "party" in his class afterward, which was really just a glorified snack. But it was so cool to see him in his school environment.

Jack came home from his afternoon school having learned the phrase, "Trick-or-treat! Give me something good to eat!" At least they didn't teach him the part about smelling feet.

Once we got home from trick or treating, the little men gorged themselves on candy and were sent to bed. Then Alex and I gorged ourselves on candy.

And! In a never-to-be-repeated act of perfection, I purchased exactly enough candy to give out. We were left with five pieces of candy at the end of the night. Can't be beat!



  1. We, on the other hand, had NO trick or treaters this year! Now I'm stuck with two bags of reese's cups...and I HATE those! The boys looked adorable. Boy they look older than their ages!

  2. You hate peanut butter cups?! What is wrong with you, woman? Send 'em to me. I'll eat every single one of them.

  3. Love the candy-hog description. According to the neighbor who went treating with daddy and the boys, Moosie has a steel claw. He had twice as much candy and apparently he was too cute for anyone to protest.

    Hey Niksmom...I wish I had candy that I hated sitting around. Ugh. I think I'll gain back all the wieght I just lost. I have gone without a reese's peanit butter cup blizzard for onths... I haven't had one sinc May!!! (It used to be at least a weekly staple) I agree...there is something wrong with not liking them!

  4. The boys are adorable :) We got quite a bit of candy this year, I had to hide most of it or the kiddos would have tried to inhale the whole bag he he, my NT son loves Reese's :)


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