Thursday, January 10, 2008

Chef Sam

It is well known that my kids don't really like to eat.*

Well, let me amend that. They don't like to eat fresh, nutritious food. Put a McNugget in front of them and they're all over it. Hot dogs? Devoured. Pizza? As long as there are no vegetables on it, it will be consumed.

Sam's getting a little bit better, but he's still really resistant to this whole healthy eating concept. New food is NOT his thing.

But then a Christmas present arrived a few days ago with a kids' cookbook and three child-sized aprons, each emblazoned with my children's names: Chef Sam, Chef Jack, and Chef Quinn. (Yep, those are actually their names. Check their birth certificates. Mine is Procrastinator Stimey.)

Within seconds of opening the gift, Sam started begging to cook. I, well, I procrastinated and told him we could cook the next day. Things came up though, and at bedtime when he reminded me that he wanted to cook, I told him we could do it the next morning, Saturday. (The dirty truth comes out: I don't really cook that often.)

The next morning Alex, Jack, and Quinn were supposed to head off to Trader Joe's while Sam and I made cream cheese danishes from the cookbook. But when Jack saw the aprons out and heard about our plans, he rebelled and insisted that he get to participate too.

We had a great time and except for the fact that I probably should have cooked the things for a couple extra minutes, the danishes were actually quite edible. Sam devoured them and Jack ate an entire half of one. Which may not sound like a lot, but for a child who claims, "I doesn't need food," it was actually quite a big deal.

By Monday Sam was itching to cook again. I had anticipated this and made sure I had the ingredients on hand to make macaroni and cheese from our new cookbook. (I know, it's sad that I have to plan ahead to have those ingredients.) He won't cook without the apron, which quite awesomely has pockets. Pockets that are perfect to put slices of cheese in. And then when your littlest brother comes into the kitchen screaming for cheese, it is a simple matter to pull said cheese slice out and hand it to him.

Anyway, we made macaroni and cheese. Both Jack and Quinn refused to eat it. (Quinn was adamantly screaming for a banana&#8212a banana that was resting at his left elbow. Somehow I don't think that was the root of his issue. I think the fact that the little tyrant refuses to nap, but is two, is the root of his issue.) So Jack and Quinn refused to eat it, but Sam ate like half a pan of it. Complete with oohs and aahs and "oh this is the best mac and cheese ever, don't you wish you could cook like this, mom"s.

My new plan is to put Sam in charge of dinner from now on. That will solve, like, four of my biggest problems.

* Do not apply this information to Quinn. In fact, just apply the opposite to him. He won't eat Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, but he'll beg for salad or steak. That's my guy!


  1. Boo made egg and bacon muffins today. Just like McDonalds. Not that he has ever had one at McDonalds....

    Perhaps I should get him an apron, make a commercial about carrots with good ol' Ronald and whack a wrapper around it?

    Sounds like your baking was a success though!

  2. That's it! Get the kid to cook! I can't wait until mine can wield a knife.

  3. That is so cool!

    Rachel Ray has a knife for kiddos that comes with a glove that they wear on their other hand that can't be cut through. It's pretty cool.

  4. Kelley, perhaps that IS the secret. Just put a wrapper around everything!

    Magpie, maybe before you get your child to wield that knife, you should make sure you get that cut-proof glove Canape wrote about!

  5. Cute aprons! A great idea. Hmmm.... thinking maybe this might help OUR food challenges. Or not!

  6. Wow, let me know when Sam starts catering, would you? ;-)


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