Saturday, January 12, 2008

From the Sun to a Rotten Egg Yolk

When I initially picked the yellow paint that made the bathroom look like the inside of the sun, I was worried about the final result.

And then I painted, and I loved it. Yeah, it's bright, but really, can you get any more cheerful than electric yellow?

Alex claimed to love it as well. After the events of the last few days, I no longer believe this. I think he was just waiting for an excuse.

When we he painted the living room he claims that it makes the adjacent neon bathroom look too weird. I believe that the bathroom is an entirely separate room with a door, so does it really matter if one is calm and lovely and one is bright and snazzy and makes you feel happy to be in there?

Apparently yes. Today he went out and bought paint. As I type, he is taping up the walls that I myself taped less than a year ago.

I may be unkind to call the color "Rotten Egg Yolk." It's actually know as "Saffron Thread." (Who makes this shit up?) I'll continue to make merciless fun of it withhold judgment until it's done.

But let me tell you right now, no matter how much I like it, I'm going to mope and groan and tell Alex, "I guess it's all right. If you don't like being happy."

See him? See him making fun of the beautiful, subtle yellow behind him?
Seconds later, he said, "I hate being happy. So there."*

* Not all quotes may be entirely accurate, or actually have been uttered in real life, but they happened in my head, and that's almost as real, right?


  1. If my husband repainted, I'd tell him then he could clean it too. I'd also tell my husband that if he is in the bathroom long enough to worry about the color, then he needs to pick up the pace. But my husband doesn't notice much of anything so....

  2. I'm all about the colors around here.

    In my last house, I'll admit that I painted the ENTIRE kitchen no less than THREE times.

    (I did the trim twice.)

    ps. It' my first time here and love your blog. I'll be the one combing through all your archives, so don't worry that it was some googleperv.

  3. Welcome, new girl! Comb away. I'm happy to have you here!


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