Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'm Doing the Barnyard Boogie Right Now.

Let us be up front about something: I don't win things.

Oh, wait, let me alter that statement: I used to not win things.

Rick from Organized Doodles had a contest for some of his art and little ol' me won. I got to pick any illustration from his blog and I found this way back from a year ago:

It's going to look cute on Quinn's wall, huh? Sam was particularly enamored by the star-shaped glasses.

There's also a tiny egg-man hidden in the drawing. That should keep my little dudes (and maybe y'all) busy for a while.

Thanks, Rick!


  1. I saw that you won - congratulations! How absolutely cool!

  2. Looks good Jean. I am very proud to have my art work on dispaly on your blog.

    Although when I clicked on the image it didn't give the full size, just as it wold on my blog; just a repeat of the same size. If your readers are wanting to find the egg-man it might be a bit hard.

    They are, of course, welcome to come over to my little place on the web and see it. They can find it on my January 8th post.

  3. Too cool! That will look awesome.

    Is it laminated? You NEED to get it laminated.

    I know these things....

  4. That's awesome! I love it, good choice too :)

  5. Isn't it exciting? It's on its way to me now. Upon arrival it will go into a frame and I will put some time into finding the egg-dude. Yay for Rick!


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