Friday, January 18, 2008

Snoooooooow! (A Day Late.)

But not a dollar short, because snooooooow! is free! And AWESOME.*

We had only our second snowstorm of the season yesterday and it was great. I was co-oping in Jack's class and watched as the snowflakes got bigger and bigger and the snow-blanket got thicker and thicker. (Completely disproving, by the way, Jack's initial assertion at the weather station that it was sunny and windy.)

By the time I left, the parking lot was a disaster.

At our preschool it is absolutely verboten to drive out of the "in" driveway. You will get some nasty looks for that. And everyone knows that it's only the newbies who will do it. So regardless of the fact that cars kept threatening to get stuck on the steeper, narrower "out" driveway, people kept driving up it. The last few of us there had to bite fingernails and confer with each other to ascertain that, yes, to prevent complete disaster it might, just this once, maybe? would be okay to drive out the "in" driveway. We are all sheep. But us sheep made it out of the parking lot just fine, thank you very much. Via the "in" route.

The roads were mildly treacherous, so I kept Jack home from his afternoon class, which turned out to be the right decision because playing out in the snow is apparently the most fun thing Jack has ever done in his short life.

I think it's because I don't usually encourage him to throw things at other people, but he absolutely couldn't stop giggling hysterically with each snowball he threw or each one that hit him.

At my suggestion, he even tasted the snow, something I consider to be a major victory considering he refuses to put anything new in his mouth.

He cruised around the yard making "roads" in the snow and clearing piles off of every flat surface he could find. He cleared the slide with his butt. Mostly.

But, see, he made it down okay. And happy.

Quinn liked the snow too, although he got a wee bit agitated about being pelted with snowballs. Especially if said snowballs might end up partially down his jacket. I was forced to sacrifice myself as a snowball target so that Quinn didn't have to take the brunt of Jack's attack.

Quinn proved himself to be obstinate in his own "crazy snowy day way" (which is different from his "crazy carry a real lemon around in a treasure chest for four days way") by trying to insist on digging out the hose to water "the chairs!", "the steps!", "the snow!" He went inside shortly after that. Too cold, I think.

I guess maybe he should have taken my advice on wearing snow boots instead of sneakers.

But by the time we went to the bus stop to pick up Sam, he was ready to go again.

Shortly after the above picture was taken at the neighbor's house, he entered a whole new level of difficult and took a good fifteen minutes to walk around the corner.

We had to go to karate after school yesterday so Sam didn't get a chance to play in the backyard. And he badly wanted to play in the snow in the backyard. Thank GOD the snow didn't melt today because that would have officially made me the worst mom in te world for making my six-year-old the only child in Maryland that didn't get to play in the snow this week.

And by the way, that's not a snowman. It's ice cream.

Ice cream that seems to be wearing a hat. And gloves. Don't ask me. I'm just his mother.

So now all my children have cavorted in the snow and I've broken my windshield wiper blades by trying to pry them off my frozen windshield this morning, so I'm ready for our unseasonably warm weather to come back.

Sixty-five degrees, anyone?

* Disclaimer: Snow is awesome for up to 36 hours at a time. Then it is cold, wet, dingy, and just annoying.


  1. Glad they ALL made it outside, eventually. We wouldn't want you to be the worst mother in MD, would we, LOL!

  2. Ha! I just posted about this too. My kids are crazy snow people. I hear we're supposed to get more today. Fun fun. I'm with you though....snow is good for a while. Can you believe I did 3 straight months of snow and snowsuits in Sweden? Everyday!

  3. So true! Snow is fun (until you're over it). I love the picture of Quinn, and the snow ice cream is the cutest thing ever.

    I am such a rule follower, I don't know if I could go out the in!

  4. Ah I love the snow play!!!! But I agree. It's only fun for so long. Like now? All our snow is now so compacted it's giant ice piles and it is slippery as all get out. Hate it.

    I love photos.

  5. Oh we South Floridians are SO JEALOUS! It looks like you had so much fun!

  6. Ding, ding ding! I've awarded you a blog writing award with a giant pink lion on it. Come get it when you get a chance:
    THE INDIVIDUAL VOICE: Three Shameless Lionesses of the Bloggerville Savanna

  7. I am so jealous! That looks like so much fun.

    Here we are hot and it is raining so the air feels heavy. And hot.

    Did I mention that it is hot? Good.

    As for eating snow, maybe you can hide some veggies in it. Or use it as a reward for eating something new. 'OK mate, taste this carrot and then you can go and eat dessert in the backyard....'

  8. a day of snow is nice three days is not
    I quite agree

  9. It has snowed twice in the last three days here in the deep south. It was The Mayor and The Rooster's first time seeing it!!

  10. I love watching snow fall, just not crazy about driving in it. Not because it's hard - but because it slows me down!

  11. I'm so very relieved that I'm not the only person who did that to their wiper-blades this season!


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