Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tech Stuff. And, oh, I Am Sooooo a Techie.

Well, I did it. I've been meaning to completely renovate my blogroll for a while. I know it's soooo five minutes ago to have a blogroll. (Is it still? I don't know these things. I'm mostly just making shit up.) But I like mine, and I've put a fair amount of work into adding all the links, so it's there to stay. (Goddammit!)

Let me know if you think you should be on there and I will carefully review (and by "carefully review," I mean, "shamelessly hop on your bandwagon at") your site and put it in line for my next blogroll renovation, currently scheduled for 2012.


I used to use my blogroll as a bookmark page for myself and visit all your sites that way, but it fell into disrepair because a while ago I found this awesome, but obscure new tool that none of you know about. You may not have heard about this fancy new thing called Google Reader, but it will change your life. I know it's new and all, but you really should try it, because it's awesome.

Really. Why weren't you people shaking me and telling me, "Go get a reader! It will save hours of your life!"

I'm not really an early adopter.


And really the whole point of this post is to brag to you about how I fixed my very own laptop. Of course the problem turned out to be that there was a green sprinkle stuck under the right arrow key. And to "fix" it, I used the stem of a Hi Ho! Cherry-O cherry to dig it out.

Can you imagine how embarrassing it would have been for me to take it to the Apple store to get it fixed? 'Cause that's what I was gonna do.

My life is one series of slightly humiliating experiences after another. At least I've learned to laugh about it.


  1. I am the biggest embarassment. I have a BA English and can no longer spell or communicate effectively. I have a masters in information technology and well, you've seen my crappy blog. Everyone's getting all technical and I am SO not there anymore.

  2. I've just discovered Google Reader this past week myself and love it. If only I can figure out why certain blogs won't work on there....

  3. Y'know when I started my blog - I knew NOTHING about blogging but how cool is it that the name I picked always ends up on the top of anybody's blogroll who does it alphabetically! I amaze myself.

    This week I have been really bad about reading blogs - I have been trying to catch up today but I still have 87 posts to read. The reader is wonderful - but sometimes it's scary too!

  4. I'm so impressed you fixed your laptop with such shiny exotic tools!

    Speaking of hi-tech, soon we will introduce you to my new friend Twitter. And we will never leave our houses again.

    (Ooops, that's just me. But it is way cool.)

  5. You should be happy that the hi ho cherry-o piece didn't get stuck as well. That would have been worse...


  6. I am so proud of your computer repair! My Mom usually calls me in the middle of the night, "Joeymom, please come fix my computer, I think I got a green sprinkle stuck in the keyboard..."

  7. I lurve blogrolls. And I am the hip and happenin' crowd babe, just follow me.

    Gives people linky lovin', gives your peeps an insight into what you are reading and fills up a hole on your blog that could be filled with revenue raising advertisments..... hmmmmm ads.... that is a thought.... do you think Jimmy Choo would advertise on my blog? OR Starbucks!

    And yay for being your own techie! Soon you will be buying Mr Spock ears *gaffaw*

  8. You have to laugh dont you!
    Am also impressed with you wizardry with your laptop!

  9. I'm a big google reader. My blogroll is more like a... GYNORMOUS LIST.

  10. I have 2 blogs:

    My newest is the one listed on my profile page.

    I have found some great blogs that have been not only funny, but educational.

  11. I can't believe I made the list! Whoo-hoooo! I am overdosing on the awesome :^) Thanks!

  12. The reader? Doesn't save me any time at all.

    Could be because I have over 100 blogs in it now though. Eeeek.


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