Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What I Learned Today at the Zoo

If you're standing next to a lady who really likes panda bears and tells you about a place in China where you can hug one, don't let your husband respond with, "They probably have worms."

Elephants have GIANT p*nises. (I don't want the people who Google "elephant p*nis" to find my blog and look at pictures of my children, thank you very much.) And when they're done with them, they curl 'em in and tuck 'em back up. Yep, that's an action urination/defecation shot. Sorry it's so gross, but, oh dear lord, it was impressive.

Armadillos run like beetles.

Shrews run really fast and are hard to capture on film. But they're cool-looking. And they seem kind of evil.

Even if you think the prairie dog is a diorama, it's probably not. Chances are he's actually alive.

Lion butts are less fun than lion faces.

There are many portable junk food items that are easy to pack for lunch. Do you see the grease?

Crocodiles are badass.

Waterfalls are fascinating.

Two Jacks are cuter than one.


  1. Now that's a lunch SB would sit and eat in a heartbeat!

  2. Husbands are weird.

    I so love the zoo.

  3. Those elephant *ah-hem* privates have warped Daddy-O. And I completely missed the photo op. So glad you caught it on film - er, pixels.

  4. we love the zoo... always a good time and you learn something new each and every time ;)

  5. Wow - you were at the zoo today - it was freezing!!!
    Re: the elephant - I got to witness the voiding this summer too. Wow. My son commented that it was probably bigger than him!

  6. Yay zoo day! I saw an elephant wank on Animal Planet. That thing is like a puppet on a string or
    some poorly skilled fifth limb! It could really move and groove.

    I must add tho that I have seen elephants poop in real life. From the youngest toddler to the twenty year old guys, everyone had to start screaming, "oooooh! Look at that poop!!"

    No IQ test at the zoo entrance.

  7. Dang, you'd think *someone* would have made a p*rn version of Elephant Man by now, dontcha?? Seriously, that picture is going to give me nightmares! (Of course, then I could blog about it...)

    Happy New Year!

  8. It's funny about the elephant. I don't think Alex or I even noticed if the children saw or were impressed by it because we were so agape.

    It's true that everyone was all excited about the pooping. I think I was the idiot that yelled about it though.

  9. that elephant dork scarred me.

  10. Yeah, the elephant is a bit unsettling. Shudder.

    I was intrigued by the lady who thinks you can hug a panda. Hasn't she heard they are actually not the gentle animals they appear to be?

  11. Where are the Meerkats? I love the Meerkats.

    They are so funny. Look like the people in our call centre at work, popping up, peering around and down again *gaffaw*

    What a great day :) Would have been better with the Meerkats though.

  12. The meerkats are cool. And we saw a bunch of them. For some reason my kids were not super intrigued by them. Maybe because they don't make an appearance in The Jungle Book, which my kids currently adore.

  13. Bettejo: Yeah, the second part of the animal's name is "bear." If that doesn't tip you off that they may not be as cuddly as they look, I don't know what would.


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