Thursday, February 14, 2008

At Least He Was Wearing Shoes

Alex just started a new detail at work that, along with requiring him to wear a tie every day, also requires us to rearrange our morning schedule so that he can get out of the house a little earlier in the morning.

I was initially a little nervous about this because Alex always feeds the kids breakfast and gets them dressed. I make their lunches, pack their backpacks, and brush their teeth.

Our new arrangement has Alex making the lunches. And if he doesn't have time, I make breakfast and get them dressed. So far it's gone okay, although one day there was no school and we all (well, not Alex) slept in late. And another day there was a school delay because of weather, so I had all kinds of extra time in the morning.

This morning all the kids were awake at 7:30, which is unusual for us. So Alex was able to feed them breakfast and get them mostly ready before he left. So instead of us scrambling at 8:35 to shove everyone into the car, by 8:11 all three kids were sitting at the kitchen table drawing while I located their shoes.

I was feeling pretty awesome about how well we're doing with our transition.

That is, until I got to preschool and noticed that Quinn was still wearing his pajama pants.

Because both big guys were dressed and because Quinn was wearing a t-shirt instead of a pajama top, I just assumed that Alex had dressed him too.

But no. There he was in what he'd worn to bed the night before, with not even a clean diaper on.

I think we may need to work on our communication. Or maybe I just need to work on my powers of observation.


I'm going to take this opportunity to wish Alex a Happy Valentine's Day because he has to work late tonight and I won't get to do it in person. (But don't cry for us, Internet. We're going out Saturday all by our lonesomes.)


  1. Oops! Oh well, like you least he was wearing shoes!

    Enjoy that date on Saturday!

  2. Oh have I had days like that! There are Saturdays where we are running late to a minor appointment, and try to convince Moose and/or Bubba that it is "Jammie Day." (Heck half the time I'm wearing what I slept in. It's pretty sad.)

    Have a great night on Saturday!

  3. Uh oh!

    Have fun on your date! We had a sitter on Sunday afternoon so we went out for an early Valentine's lunch.


    Whew. That's a good one.

  5. Happy Valentines day
    It is hard to get moving in the morning

  6. Once I was running so late, got the kids ready, chucked em in the car and off to school and kinder (MPS was starting at 5am so no help from him) only when I got home , thank GOD I wasn't working that day, I realised my top was not only inside out but back the front and I had odd shoes on.

    I kid you not.

    Feel better now????

  7. I am still jealous that your husband gets them dressed:)


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