Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bleg is NOT a Word.

If you were playing Scrabble with someone and they added a "B" to "LEG" to form the—and I use the term loosely—word "BLEG," would you:

1) count it as a word?

2) mercilessly make fun of the person who put it down?

Alex tried to claim bleg as a word and got mad at me when I refused to do #1 and proceeded to do #2. And not only did he try to claim it as a word, but he tried to claim it as a Scrabble word. Which is a whole other thing.

Here's where you come in. The only dictionary we can find is an OED—and I think we all know it's not in there.

Whaddya think?

Is he as insane as I think he is? I need you loyal commenters and lurkers alike to come out and tell my husband he's insane. Please?


  1. According to my Merriam-Webster Official Scrabble Players Dictionary that I received for Christmas, BLEG is not a word. It goes from BLEEPER to BLELLUM. Sorry Alex.

  2. THANK. YOU.

    Alex just huffed out of the room saying he hates me. But I don't care, because I looooooove you, Jessica. You and your Scrabble dictionary.

  3. Bleg??! Not a chance. Though this may make Alex hate me (too) but, hey got to tell the truth man!

    Bleg is not a word. I'm on your side!

  4. Bleg is jargon and is therefore not a Scrabble-usable word. It is a blog that begs for money.

  5. Not a Scrabble player here but no way is "bleg" a word. You win.

  6. I say blegh, but not bleg... snort.

    Bleg isn't really a word. Agreed, you win.

  7. Wait - wait! Is Alex Danish???

    Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary (Beta Version) - Cite This Source - Share This

    pale [peil] adjective
    (of a person, his face etc) having less colour than normal
    Example: a pale face; She went pale with fear.
    Arabic: شاحِب
    Chinese (Simplified): 苍白的
    Chinese (Traditional): 蒼白的
    Czech: bledý
    Danish: bleg
    Dutch: bleek
    Estonian: kahvatu

  8. Given that I knew Alex in college and saw firsthand the magnitude of his extracurricular activities, I am not at all surprised that he thought (and likely still thinks) that "bleg" is a word. However, while the rules of Scrabble may leave some room for interpretation, it is more than clear that Alex, as an attorney, should conform to the "four corners" of the rules and not attempt to contrive some weak attempt at justification for an obviously illegal (and premeditated) abuse of the King's English.

    If there were any double- or triple- word or letter squares involved, he should not only forfeit his own points, but should compensate the other party for pain, suffering, and legal consultation (i.e., this blog).

    Happy Scrabbling.

    ~C's mate

  9. maybe it is short for bootleg? NOT

  10. Ah, my peeps! You've made me so happy. Take THAT, Alex!

    But BetteJo, you're going to have him claiming Danish ancestry. Now he's going to have hope!

  11. Well now, it all depends on what rules you are using and what the agreed upon arbiter of words is (which dictionary you are using). BLEG is *sort* of a word in that it's used in the blogging lexicon to refer to a blog which asks for something. (

    However...I think Alex is just trying to drive a big ol' truck through a little known loophole and as such should be subject to approrpaite fines and reparations. ;-)

  12. Niksmom, your reply was making me nervous until I got to the end. Fines and reparations. Yes, exactly.

    Papa Echo, are you calling my husband a sot? (Not so much a great Scrabble word, but a great crossword puzzle word. Oh dear, my nerd is showing.)

  13. At the risk of provoking a slightly crabby Alex, I must say No Way Alex.

  14. I bleg your pardon? I am filled with frienvy at your husband's word girth.

    But still? Would not count it.

  15. Not a scrabble word.

    Just not.

    Sorry Alex.

  16. bleg is a perfectly cromulent word. it enbiggens the whole english language.

  17. Insane. Completely.

    (And I know these things...I think I'm playing six games of scrabble on line right now.)


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