Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Okay, so we're not quite cribless, because Quinn won't let me actually disassemble his crib and remove it from his room, but we're close. As I type, he is soundly sleeping in his big boy bed.

Well, actually it's a little boy bed in that it's a brightly colored toddler bed with a giant zebra and monkey painted on it, but you get my point.

We pulled it out of the garage last night because Quinn finally climbed out of his crib. And he has been expressing interest in sleeping somewhere other than his crib. Actually he mostly doesn't want to sleep at all. And if he is forced to sleep, I think he would actually prefer to grab a spot on the bunk bed in Sam and Jack's room. A distant third choice would be his own bed in his own room.

This morning when we showed it to him, he was excited. This afternoon when I showed it to him, he was hysterically angry about its mere presence.

So I enlisted Sam's help, who told him the bed was super cool. And then later Jack chimed in with some love for the bed. (After I convinced him that he wasn't, in fact, waaaaay too tall for it as he thought he was.) Once we put sixty-five stuffed animals, eight balls, and a book about space in there, he was all about the bed.

Here's a photo of Quinn from the bed's temporary home in the TV room. This is before Quinn deigned to let us move it into his room (which is about three feet away).

If you're wondering, I put on The Wonder Pets right before this photo was taken in an effort to make him associate pleasant things (like ducks in capes) with the bed instead of unpleasant things (like sleep).

This is the bed's fourth year with us. Sam used it after my mom bought it for us. We found it on sale—half-off of its original $100 price tag—from a store that was going out of business. Then Jack used it. And now finally Quinn.

I have a taker for one of my cribs. (S, you know who you are. And you're required to remove it from my premises. Yay, me!) Yes, we're a two-crib household because we reproduced way faster than my kids could mature. So if any of you local ladies want a free crib, you'd only be doing me a favor.


  1. I love the smile. It looks as if it is all his idea. Doesn't he look big? YM

  2. Wow! Quite the big boy in the bed! Cool.

  3. Congratulations on your new found almost cribless-ness.

    Giggle, that was fun to type.

  4. NO-O-O!!! Don't give away the crib! You will immediately get pregnant again, you know that, right???

  5. Wow, I so have done this recently :)
    Congrats to Quinn and to you.

  6. I just realized that Quinn and Jolie are the same age. DUH. He looked so much older in the duck head. (Do duck heads age people?)

    I was like crib? For a 5 year old? Then I saw the part about him being born in 2005. Jolie's April 2005.

    They could definitely do a play date!

  7. BetteJo, bite your tongue!

    KC, anytime, anywhere! We'd love a playdate!


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