Monday, February 11, 2008

DCMM: How I Disenfranchised Myself

Hey, anyone remember how I wrote about not feeling like I have a voice in picking who my candidate is for the presidential election? Turns out I'm right.

Ever since I've been a voter, I have always marked "Decline to State" as my party on my voter registration form. Well, in Maryland, that means I don't get to vote in the presidential primary.

I guess I can't blame anyone else for this, now can I?

As I remember, in California, where I used to live, I was able to vote in the primary even though I don't really feel like a Republican or a Democrat. Not so here.

(That's not entirely true. I do get to vote for the school board candidate of my choice. And I will. But it's not really the same is it?)

Even though it effectively disenfranchises me, I just can't quite make myself take on a label that I don't entirely agree with. I know it's silly and that in the big picture it doesn't really make a difference what I call myself, but I just can't.

At least I'm comfortable voting in November for whomever wins the primary. Although if allowed to choose, I think I would have voted for Obama.

So, tomorrow morning, on primary day, I will be surrounded by Republicans and Democrats happily voting for their presidential candidate. And I and my three children, who will probably make quite a scene, will stand in a long line and I will cast my vote for Alies Muskin, candidate at large for the Board of Education.

It's something, right?

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