Sunday, February 17, 2008


Favorite angle from which to take a photo: From behind

Favorite thing to do with a child: Hold him in the rocking chair until both he and I are asleep.

Favorite piece of jewelry:

I have all five of our names engraved equidistantly around this bangle. Alex got it for me (from Sticky J, per my instructions). I like it because I'll catch sight of one of our names and take a minute to think about that person. I like the never-ending circle aspect of it too. I got one each for my sister and her partner with their and their kids' names. They love them too.

Favorite color: Orange

Ever since (long ago) reading William T. Vollmann's book of short stories, The Rainbow Stories, in which he repeatedly refers to orange as scintillant, I have been unable to shake the beauty I feel when I think of the color. That one descriptive word created this whole, amazing vision of orange for me.

Favorite thing about more than one child: Brotherly love


  1. Great post!

    The photo from behind is terrific, and I couldn't agree more with your favorite thing to do with a child. I'm headed over to check out sticky jewelry in just a minute, but that last photo .... simply beautiful. I can't wait.

  2. of course I love the brother photo. I couldn't agree more...

  3. So sweet! I love photos from behind and I love brotherly love!! Those are the times you have to think of when they are fighting and bickering with each other!
    I have a bracelet with a silver charms on it that has each of our initials on it. I just love it.

  4. Oh *swoon* that last photo catches my breath.

  5. Great stuff Stimey!

    Love me some orange flowers!


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