Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No Suppository!

My poor little Quinn. We all know about his, ahem, problems. Flat out, the boy has trouble pooping. We give him Miralax and whatever else we think will make him poop. At an age when most people are giving their children M&Ms for pooping on the potty, we give Quinn a Hershey Kiss every time he poops&#8212no matter where it happens.

And if he doesn't poop over the course of two or three days, we give him a suppository. (Listen, if this is too much information, I think you were warned by the title of this post.)

Needless to say, he hates suppositories. I make sure to tell him ahead of time if he's getting one so that he's not terrified of every diaper change. Regardless, every time I put him on the changing table (I cannot wait to get rid of that piece of furniture, by the way.) he says, "No suppository."

It's a little sad.

Today at preschool when I was co-oping, the kids were playing in pans of water and Quinn had a little penguin that he was sailing around on a toy boat. At some point he picked up a little plastic stick, turned the penguin on its side, and started jabbing at its butt area with the tip.

"I'm giving him a suppository," he said.

Better the penguin than him, I guess.

The other co-oping mom pretty much laughed her head off. Feel free to do the same. I did.


  1. I'm laughing but not for long ... we're SO in the same boat with you.

    SB hates those suppositories. Thankfully we haven't used one in awhile but I have been sneaking Benefiber into quite a few meals lately, and we revisited the topic of Miralax (now that it's a new improved non-cramping formula) at his 7-year visit last week.

    SB's poops (or lack thereof) are a daily topic around here. Sad but true.

  2. too funny (well for everyone but the penguin). We are still battling the poop issues with the 8-year-old, but here's my sympathy pain:

  3. Very funny -- our son has the same problem -- Miralax and Lachulous (sp)didn't work as well for him as Milk of Magnesia -- he takes just a little every day and have for years (he's almost 5) and haven't had to use a suppository in quite some time. We do however, have a special moment at some point every day where we evalulate the consistency of the poop he just had (hard, kinda hard, it was ok Mommy, etc.)

  4. Aw. Poor little guy! So feeling for you/him over here. (Careful with that public stick poking behavior... someone may just think that's worth a call to some authorities... )

  5. No, wait, I can't breathe!!! *crying I'm laughing so hard*

  6. Suppositories? Oh, so that's why penguins walk that way!
    Hope things improve for the little guy

  7. What's up with toddler constipation? Joles goes but it's a face-reddening, grunting, "sometimes it gets stuck" extravaganza. Good luck!

  8. OH-h-h .. poor little guy! I remember when I was a kid my Mom used to always tell the story about how constipated my older brother was when he was a toddler and how he had to have prune juice every day.
    Made me afraid to even approach the stuff!

  9. Yeah, we're all in the same boat...Bowel issues are never far away in this household and I still sometimes have to assure my l.o when I get angry with her, that it doesn't mean I'm going to put a suppository in her.

  10. March 17th person - yeah I'm in the same boat as you!
    Pardon me for mentioning my Yahoo Group again - suppository_moms


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