Monday, February 18, 2008


I have been fortunate enough in the time that I have been blogging to "meet" some wonderful blogging (mostly) women. Several of them have taken the time to think of me recently in passing out some wonderful awards. I want to thank each of them. It means a lot to me that we have found each other and developed these relationships. With this in mind, I will pass them on.

My good friend WhyMommy said some really wonderful things when she gave this award to me. And damned if I'm not bummed that she got it first, otherwise I would definitely have passed it directly to her. But in the spirit of no-give-backsies, I will give this to a couple of other wonderful women out there.

Kelley is someone I have completely fallen in love with. Even if I can't walk in the fabulous tall shoes she is known for. And I don't drink coffee. (But I do love chocolate.) And I find her to be amazing.

I also want to give this to BetteJo, whose thoughtful comments I appreciate so much.

Someone created this award specifically for Joeymom. And she definitely deserves it. She's taught me a lot. And was nice enough to pass it to me as well as some wonderful other bloggers.

This one clearly goes to WhyMommy. Because if anyone is good at seeing the beauty, it's her. She has fought so hard this past year. And she continues to see the good. She finds the beauty in her children, her husband, and the stars, among other things. This one is for her, and the beauty she is going to keep seeing for years to come.

Tulip Mom, who I have really enjoyed reading for the last few months, thinks I'm nice!

I may think I would better qualify for the "Abrasiveness Matters" award, but I do try to be nice, so I am very happy to accept this. Most of you out there seem wonderfully nice, and at one point I think I told about half of the blogosphere that you were.

Today I'm going to give this to KC, whom I recently met, and who was nice enough not to hate me for getting her completely busted having fun while her daughter was in school.

I also want to give this to two different Jessicas: one at A Parent in Silver Spring, who is keeping me updated on what to do with my kids in the area; and one at A Bushel and a Peck, whose niceness I have been lucky enough to personally witness.

Phew, almost there. The magnificent Kelley, mentioned above, gave this to me a while ago and I neglected to mention it. Then, after her recent move to her own domain, she regifted it.

Just FYI, this is a good award to get. Apparently Kelley had some people thinking this was not a nice award, when in fact it is a sideways heart. I just didn't want any of y'all thinking I wasn't nice. Remember a few paragraphs back? I'm nice.

I love so many blogs. I love so many that my marriage and work life are suffering because of it. (I'm mostly kidding.) Onward to some I love in particular. And if I don't mention you, it is because I'm saving you for a future award (or I've recently awarded you).

I <3 a="" href="">Bubandpie, The New Girl, Girl, and Swistle.

And that's all of my awards.

But we're not done yet!

Jessica—the one at A Bushel and a Peck—tagged me for a meme in which I am to tell you six quirky things about me. Instead of getting all original on you, I'm going to take off on Jessica's six quirky things.

1. (She loves egg noodles with ketchup.) When I was a kid, my mom used to cut avocados in half and fill up the area where the pit used to be with ketchup. And I ate it. I'm not sure if this is a quirky thing about me or my mom, but there you go.

2. (She used to pronounce "mine" as "my-in.") In my head, whenever I say the word "caterpillar," I pronounce it "cat-er-pill-ar." It's a fun word to say that way. I used to do the same thing with "tortoise," saying it in my head as "tor-toys" until Alex suggested "tor-twah"&#8212you know, the Frenchy way of saying it.

3. (She can't go to sleep if her sheets and blankets are messed up.) I can't sleep with a sheet—just a comforter. And Alex and I have separate comforters because I'm such a blanket-hogging jerk.

4. (She is obsessive about chapstick and hand lotion.) Despite having the driest skin known to humankind, as well as a case of psoriasis, I also have tactile issues that prevent me from using lotion, because it freaks me the hell out.

5. (She has no dogs, but watches dog shows on TV. She also loves the Chesapeake Bay Retriever.) I do have a dog. She's a mutt. But my favorite breed is the Rottweiler (we used to have a lovely Rottie named Mango). Never get a Rottweiler though, unless you're rescuing one and have no other choice. They will break your wallet what with all their genetic issues. Mango had to have two (two!) ACL surgeries.

6. (She is anal-retentive about how her clothes are folded.) My clothes are currently in a big pile on top of my nearly empty dresser. I wish I was anal-retentive about folding clothes.

So there you go: awards and memes. I think I'm all caught up now. Carry on with your regularly scheduled blog reading.


  1. Just to set the record straight -- It was cocktail sauce not ketchup. But you did eat it. I didn't. YM

  2. Yeah, Mom. Because that makes it better. :)

  3. hahahahah! love the interchange with mom.

    excellent bloggers you chose, stimey, one and all.

    and congrats on the bling!

    (i am pretty jealous about yours and kc's tryst. just saying.)

  4. Congrats on your well-deserved awards!

    And that sideways heart? That's exactly how I taught SB to make hearts ... the number 3 and a V .... a few weeks ago.

  5. Oh hey! Thanks for the <3 award!

    Cocktail sauce and avocado, eh? Hmmm.

    Maybe it's a delicacy?


  6. Okay, I don't have the tactile issue with lotion...but the oral texture thing? So grossed out by the avocado and cocktail sauce combo!

    The awards are, indeed, well deserved. Blog on, girlfriend, blog on!

  7. Hey, thanks for the award!

    (About the driest skin comment--you have never seen my mother's legs. I'm just saying.)

  8. Thank you Stimey! This is my first blogger-to-blogger award and I cannot tell you how touched I am. I think this just proves how nice YOU are.

    <3 from one of your biggest fans!

  9. You love me? Right back atcha babe.

    Thanks for the bling babe! I love me some bling.


  10. Yay Stimey! It must be wonderful to be on the minds of so many people that you get awards and awards ..
    And I love it that your Mom corrects you on your own blog. Is that where you got your sense of humor? Lol!

    Thanks so much for mentioning me - I hope my comments aren't always moronic, but one thing they always are - is me. And you are always Stimey and you always make me laugh! I love that!


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