Sunday, February 10, 2008

Right Now He's Screaming, "Come Back! Come Back!"

Quinn finally figured out that he is able to get out of his bed at night and (gasp!) open his room door to rejoin the rest of the family.

Tonight, for the first time, after bedtime, his door cracked open and he walked into our TV room.

"I forgot something," he said.

"What did you forget?" I asked.

"I don't know."

Alrighty then.

I pointed to the nearest toy. "Is it that space shuttle?"

"Yes." And then he went back to bed.


Okay. Since I wrote that last sentence, he's been out five make that six times asking for a purple light saber, for me to exit his room out of its other door, for Daddy (who had to go to work tonight), for a hug, for an apple, and because "I'm crying."

It looks like we may have to dig out some of those doorknob locks.


  1. Does he get points for creativity? Lol!
    Darling Quinn. :) That's what you're saying about now, huh?

  2. Poor guy.
    And poor you.
    Really, I'm not laughing.
    Or I shouldn't be.
    That will be me (again) before I know it.

    When SB was that age we ended up putting a gate in his doorway .... worked for awhile ... until he finally realized he could climb over it.

    Now he wants us to dig it out of storage and put it back up so the baby won't be able to get in his room and mess up his stuff.

  3. Seriously? Quinn is much wiser than my Ben was... It took him a YEAR to figure out that he could leave his room!

  4. Oh, I feel your pain. And those knob locks are great, btw. So is the gate we have at his doorway. Lately Sam, though he isn't getting out of his bed, has a whole laundry list of things we must do before he can go to sleep. (I'm hungry! I'm thirsty! I need mr. cow! I want my rocket!). Hope you get some sleep tonight.

  5. Oh, this is exactly what I'm afraid of with my son. He is NOT loving the crib lately, but there is NO WAY he would stay in a regular bed. So he will remain caged for a while yet.


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