Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Snuggles LOLs

Well, I just posted about how boring my life is and how blocked my writing is and then I headed over to Petroville where I learned about the LOLinator.

And my life is now complete.

It turns out that I'm a weirdly deranged looking cat named Snuggles Phisher.

The best part about the LOLinator is that when I LOLinated my blog, it brought up my post about Jack getting his autism diagnosis right next to a photo of an absolutely horrified looking cat with the block letters "OH NOES!!" superimposed on it.

I don't think that I'm usually a fan of things like this, but the above? It totally made my night.

Maybe I need to go to bed.


  1. It converted my whole blog!!! With cats all over the place! OMG I was peeing my pants and Boo was wondering what was going on!

    Thanks for that!

    Oh and check out the YouTube over at

    VERY STRONG LANGUAGE, but Oh My God! I needed one of Boo's nappies!

  2. Ha!! That's the same reaction I had. How can you NOT laugh at those cat pictures?? Glad you are goofy like me :)

  3. I guess I need to check this out - I AM a crazy cat lady!

  4. BubblesJelliebellie.
    It must have seen me!


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