Monday, February 11, 2008

Who Wants to Take 15 Kids to a Grocery Store Anyway?

I take back everything good I've said recently about field trips.

Today was our annual four-year-old field trip to the post office and the grocery store. Yes, both in one day. Frankly, I can suffer enough with my own kids in these two places. I don't need to add more than a dozen other kids as well.

The trips do have a purpose. All the kids make Valentines for their parents and go to the post office to stamp and mail them. And then they go to the grocery store to shop for ingredients for the "I Love You Lunch" they throw for us on Valentine's Day. And today the grocery store gave us a tour including free cookies, apples, oranges, and juice. So it wasn't all bad, and it's a good real-world type of experience. (As if I didn't have enough real-world experience already, right?)

At least only one of my kids misbehaved in each location. Spreading the joy around, as it were.

It was Jack's turn at the post office. He was NOT pleased to be there. He wouldn't sit with the other kids. He threw my Valentine across the post office. And he was royally ticked off that the stamp had to go in the upper right corner.

At least the other two kids I had in my care and my car were very well behaved.

At the grocery store, Jack took a spot in the shopping cart and sat compliantly through the entire tour. And except for a little bit of scampering around, trying to climb stacks of boxes, and demanding to be picked up, "No, put me down! Pick me up! No! I want to walk!", Quinn was fine.

But I was put on edge early in the tour, near the seafood counter when I suddenly noticed that he was quietly stacking glass jars of tartar sauce. By the time I saw it, he had six of them all resting precariously atop each other. About four of us parents saw this at the same time.

It was like one of those slow-motion "Noooooooooooo..." moments. I don't think I knocked any children out of my way getting there, but I didn't really care, because I just didn't want to see them smashed all over the floor.

We generally make enough of a scene without that sort of thing.

Really, it's a barrel of laughs to be around my family pretty much all the time. At least I make other parents feel good about their compliant children, right?


  1. I really love all the field trips your preschool goes on!

  2. I just love that Jack was royally ticked about where the stamp had to go! Oh I understand that!

  3. ROFLMAO about the jars. That sounds like something Nik would do if he had the coordination!

  4. I hate taking my kids to the grocery store with the passion of a thousand burning suns. Its ALWAYS a pain in the a$$--either someone has a meltdown, or I am in a rush and Sunshine wants to "help", or Deuteronomy slams his face off the steering wheel in the car-cart and gets a fat lip. I cannot imagine going there with 15 kids. I would cry. You are a brave, brave woman.

  5. The throwing the Valentine across the post office made me laugh out loud. It reminded of when my 4 year old tries to give me a time out. You are a trooper to the nth power. Maybe next time you can chaperone the pumpkin patch trip??


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