Monday, February 11, 2008

Wind Update

I just wanted to let you know about the excellent response we had to our power line/tree situation yesterday.

Oh, did the sarcasm in that sentence not adequately come across via the printed word?

The good news is that some action was taken. The bad news is that it seemed sort of slapdash. I'm hoping they were just really busy yesterday and will be coming back to more further fix the situation later.

It was 3:33 am when the phone rang. The caller ID read "POTOMAC ELCTRC." I wasn't completely thrilled that they were calling in the middle of the night to chat, but all the guy wanted to tell me way that they were the power company, they were outside, and that they were putting a ladder up against our house so we shouldn't freak out or take other action, such as pointing a shotgun out the window.

Okay. THAT I appreciate.

Before I even had a chance to hang up, Alex heard the ladder scraping on the house and was up yelling, "What the hell is that?!"

I managed to talk him down before he passed mild freakout. He promptly went back to bed.

Until the chainsaw started and there was the "beeeeep, beeeeep" sound of trucks backing up and such. In my sleep delirium, I listed to a different loud beeping sound for at least 10 minutes before I realized that it was coming from inside the house instead of outside. Our alarm system was responding to the power being turned off and was beeping and flashing the little light under the word "Trouble" on the control panel.

Forty-five minutes later all the noises stopped and the power went back on. The dog was more than happy about that. It turns out that although she is a wee bit cowardly about actually taking action in the face of impending intrusion, she is at least willing to bark incessantly until the bandits go away.

I guess it was naive to think that they could fix the problem in 45 minutes in the dead of night, but this morning I wasn't expecting to see this:

In case you can't tell, that's the power line tied to our chimney with a rope. So it's out of the street, but still dangling in arm's reach near our house.

I am grateful that they came out in the middle of the night to help. I can't quite imagine how unpleasant it must have been at 4 am in the cold on top of my house.

Hopefully I will be able to eventually update this update with some good news about actual fixing instead of jerryrigging.


  1. Eek! That's far too much excitement for me!

    Glad you're all alright.
    Best wishes

  2. WTF?? If they were cold they damn well deserved it at that hour! What's the word on the tree?

  3. Oh that's too funny! And a bit tragic. At least they got it off the ground. ?

  4. Yeah, the tree is still covering my front yard. And the part that is still standing, which is most of it, has some precariously dangling limbs. I'm going to try to track down the Montgomery County arborist tomorrow. I'm sure that should be fun.

  5. Yikes. When we lived in S.S., I watched our neighbor's tree crash into their house, narrowly missing the playroom (Hurricane Isabel?). One of the only things I love about living where we are now is that the power lines are all underground. I'm so glad you're all okay.

  6. Nicely done.

    Last spring, a pole fell down up the street from our house. The power was out for three days. Eventually they came and installed a new pole. And then they tied the wires to the pole, with rope, just like your chimney. And it's still like that.

  7. I'm actually pretty impressed that they showed up at 3:30 AM and had the foresight to call (though I'm sure it was not a pleasant way to wake up.)

    Glad all is relatively restored at your house, and hope the tree disappears soon.

  8. I'm behind in all of my blog reading. Sounds like a bit of excitement at your place lately?? :) Loved the field trip story too.

  9. Uh, dude. I hope they fixed that!

    I'll have to tell you about what happened in our neighborhood in Falls Church after Hurricane Isabel sometime!

    (The wind was INSANE down here the other day too.)


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