Monday, April 21, 2008


Text from an actual email I wrote today to cancel plans after Jack threw up in the car:

Fuck, fuckity, fuck fuck...Jack threw up this morning. So probably no chili for him tomorrow. What is wrong with these kids?! Can't we just live? Do we have to throw up all the time?

Maybe the next week? Or, you know, 2010?


At least he gave me ample warning. We got all the way to preschool and were walking in when Jack said he wanted to throw up in the potty. He laid on the toilet (Blech!) while I told his teacher we wouldn't be in.

On the way home I put a towel on his lap in case he puked. I still wasn't entirely convinced he wasn't faking.

Turns out he wasn't. As we pulled into the driveway he threw up. My first thought? "Why is it neon green?"

(Answer: Go-gurt)


Screw TV Turn Off week. We're watching all damn day.

Text from another actual email I sent this morning, this one to Alex:

The Berenstain Bears are on. The episode is "That Stump Must Go."

You are Papa Bear.


I'm clearly getting stuff done.


  1. Oh no! Sorry for the sickies. We're watching TV too. Just a general lack of gumption over here, today. Whatever works, right?

  2. Oh dear. We spent yesterday with our good friends at teh Magic School Bus. Sometimes you just have those days to recover.

    Hope Jack recovers quick!!!!

  3. We just got over strep here and my husband just came home and told me he feels like he's getting sick...wonderful!

    I'm thinking about you and pulling for your family to be well (I can't stand that last cold of the season).

  4. Oh I hate to clean up vomits! the worse is when they are on the bed or sofa. The whole house is stinky for weeks!!!

    its awful to handle throw-up moments, especially when the kid doesn't give ample warning time before the 'blech'

    neon green?! Ewww... that's gross!

  5. Apparently I am a little too obsessed with your other blog, because my first thought was, "I hope he barfed in the towel and she just THREW IT OUT."

    Hope he's better today.

  6. You will all be happy to know that, yes, he did throw up on the towel, so the car doesn't smell any worse than it did before.

    And, M, I absolutely adore your comment!


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