Saturday, April 19, 2008

DCMM: Summer Is Really On Its Way

At one point in my career, while working at a magazine, I wrote a little piece about how well-known locals knew summer was coming. It being Los Angeles, one of those locals would have been George Hamilton. The joke was, "How does George Hamilton know it's summer, when he's already tan?"

Unfortunately, George Hamilton refused to speak with me.

So even though I don't know how he becomes aware of the change in season, I do know my signs. Today I got one of my first real whiffs of summer. Forget that the temperature was 70-80 degrees last week. Forget that the sky has been clear blue without a trace of clouds. Forget that the garden is going in and the grass is growing up.

I know that summer is on its way because the ice cream truck made its first pass today.

I don't remember many ice cream trucks from my childhood, and the ice cream trucks in my Oakland, California neighborhood, where I lived for much of my young adulthood, had metal bars over the windows.

But the ice cream trucks here in my current neighborhood? They're happy, musical, and frequent during the summer months. They're so frequent in fact, that I have a friend who tells her kids that the trucks are "music trucks." They have no idea there is ice cream inside.

My kids learned about the true nature of these vehicles at a busy park one day when a truck drove up and promptly made about $50. All of the kids started shrieking, "Ice cream! Ice cream!" and ran at the truck. My kids were amazed. And happy too, after I shelled out $6 for ice cream.

I was inside working today when I first heard that unmistakable tinny music. I heard my husband and kids outside running for the truck. I jumped up, intending to be funny by pushing my kids out of the way to get to the ice cream.

As I was running full speed toward the street, I noticed that a lot of neighbors were out in their yards. Mid-sprint I realized that I probably looked less like a comedian and more like a fat girl running for ice cream.

Well, at least they know I can run.

And at least I know that summer is well on its way.

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