Tuesday, April 1, 2008


To the jackass in the H3 who I let go in front of me in the parking lot of 7-11 today:

I wouldn't have been that nice if I'd realized that you were going to park in both of the remaining parking spaces.

I hope you correctly interpreted my angry stares.


To Alex who saw right through my April Fools joke today:

I thought calling you at work in fake desperation to let you know that the tree in our front yard had fallen down was very clever. Damn you for seeing through me.

Am I getting too predictable? I'm going to be doing some thinking between now and next April and one year from now, I am going to bring it. Prepare yourself.


  1. What's with these morons who feel entitled to two spaces? I for one am sick of having to drive around looking for a full empty space. And then to come back out and have someone parked sodamnclose that I have to hawl my big tummy in through the passenger side ..... insane!! Self-centered bitches ... sorry you encountered one today.

    LOL at your April Fool's joke ...

  2. At least once a month I plan to make out fake tickets like "You're a dumb-ass for not being able to park in the middle of a space" and leave them on people's windshields!

  3. Laugh - that's something I won't buy into too. Maybe you could try, "your house has fallen down" - oh shucks! Mine is even worse!

  4. My husband finally left a note on the moron's car who could not park in the middle of the spaces and left no room. When he ran into the guy later at the car, the guy turned to him and said "you're right, that was a crappy parking job." Unbelievable.

  5. Even if I did do April Fools, I suck at it. Cause people expect it everyday from me anyway.

    I had a biatch overtake me, take the parking spot I wanted and then leave me with the wonky trolley at the supermarket.

    I beat her to the checkout though. And I snorted in her general direction.

  6. Isn't the H3 supposed to be the small one? Yikes. Maybe it was the driver's idea of an April Fools joke?

  7. I cannot believe that H3!!!!
    I am a pretty laid back person but my secret pet peeve is bad driving/parking --- ugh!

    Good for you that you took the high road and just gave him a stare :)

  8. ah, the parking thing reminds me of the scene in fried green tomatoes when cathy bates rams the hell out of the two 20-something girls' car. towanda!!!! sweet revenge!


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