Friday, April 4, 2008

They're Kinda Right.

Somehow Quinn has gotten the impression that Alex works at a hospital. (Alex is actually an attorney for the government.) Whenever we pass a large, block-y building, he'll say, "That's Daddy's hospital!"

I'm not sure why.

It turns out that none of my children really know what Alex does (although Sam and Jack are close), as evidenced by the following exchange:

Quinn: "Daddy works at his hospital."

Me: "No. He's a lawyer. Can you say 'lawyer'?" [Try having your kids say "lawyer" just for fun. It's hilarious. Go do it. I'll wait.]

Quinn: "A-yaw-ya. A-yaw-ya." [See?]

Me: "And 'lawyer' means..."

Jack, super enthusiastically: "FIGHT!"

Sam: "No, it means 'make money for the president,' right?"

They're astute little dudes, Sam and Jack are.


  1. hi there, found your blog and i was wondering what specific symptoms you felt made you believe your son had autism ?

    i have concerns for my child

  2. that's AWESOME.

    aren't kids smart?

  3. D. will get a kick out of that. He's also a government attorney.

  4. my email is

  5. Snort. Those kids crack me up.

  6. My hubby is a government attorney as well, and if you ask them what he does...they say "he reads" haha!

  7. All these government attorneys - do they make wonderful husbands or something?

  8. *I* have no idea what my husband does.

  9. Bettejo: Didn't you know? They're lawyerlicious!

  10. Much too tuned in for their own good!

  11. I know I'm late, but I'm just catching up...anyways, this is HILARIOUS. I can never figure out if the boys or your brilliant writing are funnier. Must be genetic.


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