Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We Love Us Some Gerbils

I'm not even going to bring up the fact that my gerbil favicon has been up for three months and no one has noticed. Well, the gerbils' mom noticed, but a mommy sees these things.


Today my good friends Robert and Noki the gerbils came back. My friend H and her family are going to Disney World for a week and all I get are these lousy gerbils super excellent and hilarious pets.

You may be aware that I am fond of these little furry guys.

H gave me the gerbils at preschool pick up today. And although Jack has not spent much time watching them in the past, today he was immediately smitten. The adoration started at school. We had to sit in the parking lot and talk about them for a while. Specifically we had to talk about why we don't take them out of their cage and cuddle with them in the middle of a parking lot. (Or a home that features two cats and a dog, for that matter.)

Quinn was oblivious.

Then we got home and poked at their aquarium terrarium cage biodome in hopes that they would wake up and entertain us.

While we were busy loving the gerbils, Quinn was busy sleeping. Don't worry. I checked to make sure he was breathing.

Later, after lunch, Jack and Quinn pretended to be gerbils by drinking water out of bowls. I tried to stop this from happening, but then I reconsidered after I realized that they might accidentally clean part of my floor.

I also chose to ignore the fact that gerbils in captivity don't actually drink that way. Unless they are forced to lap up some of the water that some unnamed preschoolers may have thrown in the biodome while I was out of the room for four seconds.

Man, Not only is H not ever going to let me have these gerbils back, but she's going to make me take down my favicon for unlawfully appropriating their image for monetary gain blogging amusement.


  1. It's funny they are imitating the gerbils in a way gerbils don't drink - when they have 2 cats and a dog who I am assuming - DO drink like that. Too cute!!!

    How'd they do on the floor?

  2. Is it just me, or is the picture of Jack next to the gerbils' habitat one of the cutest pictures of him ever to appear on this blog?--Zoomer

    (BTW, I'm not really anonymous, just clueless at how to post with a name!)

  3. Thank you, Zoomer. I totally agree. I adore that photo.

  4. Hey, you've stumbled upon a new way for kids to have fun and clean your floors at the same time! How clever. Can I try that too?

    But first I'll need to borrow those gerbils.... heehee.

    The kids look so cute, by the way. Awww.

  5. I agree, Jack--cutest ever.

  6. Yes a very cute photo! My floor needs a clean too!

  7. Go, gerbils, and go, Jack!

    I had no idea what that was called....


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