Monday, April 14, 2008

Your Move, Little Man

Regular readers here are aware that Quinn is insane.

(Part of) his current weirdness (weirdness being a relative term) is that he will only wear (some) yellow shirts. He has five yellow shirts. He'll only wear three of them.

A couple of weeks ago the ladies in my playgroup suggested I buy him plain yellow t-shirts from Michael's and iron on Quinn-friendly images using printable transfer sheets. Oh. Yeah.

You can see my results here:

Yellow shirts on sale: $1.89 each
Printable transfer sheets: $9.99 for five
Copyright infringement of popular logos/characters: Priceless

Quinn's next move will almost certainly be to refuse to wear any color other than red.


On a related note, I think Quinn is afraid of one of the t-shirts—the SuperWhy one. Which is ironic, because as he is covering his eyes and backing away, he is wearing a helmet, goggles, and giant shoes in order to be dressed up as SuperWhy.

Like I said, no one has ever accused Quinn of being rational.

Or Jack, for that matter:


That shirt above doesn't count in the non-yellow shirt embargo because it's a pajama shirt, see? And because it's Spiderman.


  1. That is so inventive. I don't know if you are familiar with my obsession, Value Village. There's one located at the intersection of New Hampshire and the Beltway that's huge. They usually have little boys shirts in every color.

  2. Toddlers have some seriously weird unwritten rules.

    My son would only wear one Nemo shirt for about a month and a half last fall. (I ended up buying a second one).

    Then I got his hair cut while he was wearing it. He felt itchy and took the shirt off in the middle of a nearby department store afterwards. He's never asked for them again since.

  3. Ok Linda's friend Cara is officially one of your followers. Mainly because we lead parallel lives - lots of junk in our houses and three boys, one of whom is insane and will only wear certain shirts (a condition that may or may not be related to the insanity). Mine will wear any color, but no collar, no buttons. Ever.

  4. Oh yea, and forgot to mention - our third son is due in August and the name currently at the top of our list - Quinn. I promise I am not a stalker - it was there before I ever knew about you...

  5. I seriously love the goggles.

  6. The goggles are so cool! What great invention you just did....a combination.. of super power!

  7. Don't worry, federal government images and logos (e.g., NASA logo and shuttle pics) are not copyright-able.

    What a seriously clever idea!

  8. Actually that is a GREAT idea! And I can't imagine that you'll be hearing from any of these company's lawyers!

  9. Quinn,
    Do you love fruit flies?
    Guess what their favorite color is?

  10. TSM, the problem with Quinn is that he is still very particular. He has two yellow shirts with soccer balls on them. He will only wear one of them.

    Cara, I highly recommend the name Quinn. I am glad every single day that we named him that.

    Nancy, I had no idea. That is fascinating. Now I just have to worry about corporate America.

    Frogwoman, is it blue? :)

  11. Damn! You are crafty.

    I love Quinn.

  12. Can't wait to hear whether this worked for Quinn or not. It's so funny - you never know what they are thinking!


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