Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spring Photos, Now With More Beach

You know how the school picture companies do individual photos in the fall? And then they do class photos in the spring? And then they take even more individual photos after that in a blatant effort to make you buy them because you can't let perfectly good photos of your child go to waste?

Whatever happened to the days of one damn photo a year? That's what I got all through school. Then all those individual pictures were put together on one sheet and that qualified as a class photo. Clearly, this is how it should be.

Anyway, I am a shameless school photo buyer. I know it's a total scam, but the sentimental fool in me (and I stress "fool") needs to have them.

But the spring photos? No way, no day. One. Photo. A. Year.


Although I'm almost tempted to buy this one because of the sheer damn awesomeness of it:

Goofy ghost Sam on a beach? I think this might be my favorite school picture yet.

Okay, I'm not really going to buy it. ONE PHOTO A YEAR!


  1. LOL!!!! Oh my. I throw the flyer away every Spring and forget about it. Then it never fails the one day my boys look like they crawled out of a ditch filled with cow poop in too small clothes... that's the day of the pictures. This year Bubba was in high-water pants and he had a little bean bag propped up next to him? *shrug* He was really proud of that tiny bean bag!

  2. LOL! Did anyone else have ghost child pictures??

  3. Total props to those school photographers for making invisible man pictures. Novelty is the impulsive buyer's worst enemy.

    (who needs to buy it when you can scan it in to your blog anyway?)

  4. It looks like Sam is Marty McFly and has messed with his past. I hope Doc Brown can save him.

  5. Awesome! You found his super hero power!

  6. Stimey, I acttually laughed out loud - ghost Sam ha!

  7. lol..that is an awesome pic. Hee hee. I felt the same way about "spring pics". But luckily our fall pics were awful and I didn't deal with retaking them, so this gives us another shot. But I am with you - once a year!

  8. Buy it! I NEVER buy anything from school, but the smile alone is worth it. Your kids will laugh thier heads off when they are teenagers and they see that picture of Sam. It's worth the twelve bucks.

  9. It's okay - you seem to have scanned it.

  10. OH MY GOD! That takes the cake!!! Wow, and spring pictures? That school really milks you for everything you've got, huh?! (He is super cute though!) Thanks for linking!


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