Friday, May 23, 2008

Well Children

I'm trying to get my entire immediate family to a doctor in a four-day period. I went yesterday for my uncooperative ears. I'm trying to get Sam in tomorrow for his allergies. Maybe Alex will break his leg or something on Sunday.

Today was Jack and Quinn's turn. They had their annual checkups today. You can see the biggest effect of this checkup over here. [Hint: I'm being forced to parent.]

But the saddest part of the checkup was when Quinn got one shot and Jack got four. I put a little thought into who should get vaccinated first and I decided that Jack would be less likely to be upset by Quinn's tears and screams. So Quinn went first.

Yeah, he was pissed. And then, after the injury of the shot, the nurse insulted him by putting a Bugs Bunny band aid on his leg. Again, he was pissed.

I was right in thinking that Jack would be unbothered by Quinn's cries for mercy. He kept saying, "I'm going to be brave," and then plastering a big, fake smile on his face. When he started getting stabbed the smile went away.

Although the nurse did compliment me on my child-restraint talents.

[Note: Those talents do not come from regularly forcibly restraining my children. I used to work for a vet and learned how to restrain uncooperative, unhappy patients who are getting shots/blood draws/toenail clips.]

Jack was not insulted by the band aids, but on the way home he did offer up his own sad appraisal of the situation:

"I have holes in my body."

This might be the last time they're happy to go to the doctor for a while. I might have to leave them home when I take Sam tomorrow.


  1. I am DREADING Jolie's next a year, but still. 2 in 1 day, though. I think you need a stiff drink.

  2. Poor boys. I don't like shots either.

    Do you teach that restraint hold? I need it for my girls.

  3. My worst trip to the doctor with the kid was when she needed a blood draw. I was basically lying on top of her to immobilize her - and she pulled the first needle out. Argh.

    No fun. Poor guys.

  4. NOBODY likes shots. Can't blame the little guys for not liking that trip to the doc.

  5. :( Boo needs a blood draw. I have been putting it off for FOUR YEARS.

    I am that terrified.

    Wanna come and teach me how to hold him down. I am thinking it might be the equivalent to holding down a greased up pig in heat.

  6. Kelley, I'm only good at holding down 40 pounders. Frankly if Boo has lived this long without a blood draw, will it really hurt for him to wait, oh, another decade?

  7. A Bug's Bunny band-aid?

    The indignity.


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