Friday, May 30, 2008

YOU Are the Best. Thank You.

Wow, you guys are amazing. Your comments, emails, and phone calls helped bring me back from sort of a dark place. Thank you for the hugs. Thank you for the suggestions. Thank you for the encouragement. I hope to get back to each of you personally, but haven't been able to yet.

It absolutely floors me that Jack and I have all of you out there. Thank you so much! You know who you are.


In other, happier news, Quinn seems to have potty trained himself. In the one week since we were forced to throw out Quinn's diapers, he has stepped up to the plate (or the toilet, as it were).

As a matter of fact—and I know I'm jinxing myself here—he's even stayed dry at night for the past three nights.

Apparently if you wait until waaaaaaay after your child is ready to potty train, it goes pretty fast.

The only snag is that he's having some trouble pooping in the potty. You know this page in Once Upon a Potty by Alona Frankel? (Edited for decency and pixelated because...ew.)


The opposite of what you would expect, his aim with his pee is all right. With his poop? Not so much.

As a matter of fact, the first words Alex said to me today were: "Don't go into the yellow bathroom. There was an incident with Quinn. I will clean it up."

I'm still trying to decide if this is better than diapers.*

* yes


  1. WTG, Quinn! Could I send one over to Camp Stimey for training? And what is with that crazy potty? Is it a bowl for the cat? Is it a flower pot? It sure doesn't look like a potty!

  2. Yeah for potty training. Hey do not worry I waited on 2 of my 3 until they were almost 4 (the third didn't want to be left out and she was trained at 2.5 hey I was happy)

    and this is a bit late (behind in blog reading) but I would like to add that I think that the feeling you have/had are completely normal. I myself have felt them, when my daughter says she hates me- she is 5) or my girls pefer grandma and grandpa to me. Though I think my lowest was when my son asked me why I didn't love him. Sometimes it is hectic and we forget things or lose our tempers (which I have been working on - less yelling) but we are human, we make mistakes and have dark moments. Hang in there.


  3. Glad you feel better... now don't get too excited, you'll be back to that place many more times, but now you know how to get out!!!!

    Moosie was over 4 when he potty trained, but hey, he nursed until he was 3, so we do things on a different time schedule here. As far as I can tell, he is not scarred for life (but I've still got time to accomplish that).

  4. Isn't it nice to not feel so alone? ANy time you find yourself going back to that place...just re-read all those comments, emails, etc.

    As for the potty training...hurray! We're nowhere NEAR ready to tackle that one; we're still working on the whole conscious communication thing (as you know). When Nik can consistently tell me he's got a dirty diaper we'll start on the potty training.

  5. Hey, all three of my kids were over the age of three when they were potty trained. I much prefer the "wait till they basically do it themselves" kind of training.


  6. Diapers are a drag but they make the child so much more portable!
    Best wishes

  7. If I had known you were looking for Pam Wright's book I would have brought mine tonight! I also have the Special Ed Law book (and tons of other AUT related books).
    They also have a blog on their website now too.


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