Monday, August 4, 2008

Because I Haven't Over-Shared Enough Already

Months, literally months, ago Whirlwind tagged me for a meme.

I've decided to finally get my act together and post my responses. I'm supposed to share five random or weird facts about me and then share the five top places on my "want to see or want to see again" list.

Be warned: It is quite possible that I am recycling random facts about myself from prior memes, because I can't remember my plans for the day without a list, let alone something I wrote months ago.

Random facts about me:

1. When I was in college, I acted in a student film. My costar in the film was Dylan Kussman who was the jerky redhead in Dead Poets Society. He was nice in person. And I got to grift him in the movie film.

2. Alex and I have to have separate comforters because I'm such a cover hog. Frankly, I'm lucky he lets me sleep in the same bed as him. Because we bought those comforters at different times, they don't match. They're not even the same color.

3. Eating bagels gives me hiccups.

4. This is going to sound strange, especially considering I'm the person who invited 20 biting ants into her home, but I spent a substantial portion of my childhood terrified of ants. Like, couldn't sleep because I was afraid of being eaten alive by ants. My older sister had been assigned to read a short story, which I now recognize as Leningen Versus the Ants. The story is all about a plantation owner doing battle against vicious army ants. I read the story after my sister did. For months I couldn't sleep unless I could see the carpet in the hallway to make sure it was clear of the ants that were surely coming for me.

5. At BlogHer, lots of people asked me where "Stimey" comes from and whether it is my last name. I think it's possible I addressed this a year or so ago when I had six readers, all of whom already knew the origin of Stimey. Perhaps it will be more useful now. I have the kind of name that does not lend itself to nicknames, so I never had one. When I was in grad school, a friend of mine was appalled that I'd never had a nickname, so he decided he would call me Stimey. And a name was born.

Places I want to see or want to see again:

1. Mount Everest. This armchair mountainclimber would love to get her eyes on this mountain.

2. Antarctica. What I wouldn't give to go there for a couple of weeks.

3. New Zealand. I want to know if it is as gorgeous and idyllic as it seems.

4. Alaska. There were lots of cool places I didn't see when I lived in Fairbanks for a year. I'd like to visit Alaska, tourist-style.

5. There are only a few states I haven't been to. I think they are Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota. I'd like to get those under my belt.

I was tagged for another meme a while back that I planned to do now as well, but I have lost the link and totally forgotten where it came from. Many, many apologies to whomever tagged me.

And there you have it. End over-sharing. (Oh, who do I think I'm kidding?)


  1. ...and speaking of sharing - I got my luggage tag today. Very cool - thanks so much!

  2. You may have just given me the answer to our comforter dilemma. Except it's Andy who hogs all the covers.

    Thanks for the Stimey backstory too.

  3. I had to go via NZ to get to BlogHer - it definitely looked pretty from the air. And while you're there, you might as well come visit Australia!

  4. so uh, it appears that you like snow....

  5. Minnesota would like to be under your belt too. Or, um, hmmm. Yeah. You know what I mean.

  6. Two comforters, huh? Clever. I'm a blanket hog too.

  7. Seems like everyone wants to visit NZ! We just fight over the blankets.


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