Friday, August 1, 2008

Corn Dog, Corn Dog, Where Aaaaaarrrreee You?

Sam and Quinn met corn dogs today.

Yeah, Stimeyland is a land without corn dogs. I personally love corn dogs, but the little dudes have always refused to eat them, so, like, three years ago, I stopped offering them.

Today we went to the Maryland Science Center with lovely Vickie of La Vida Cochinillo and her adorable son, Teo. A lot of fun and wonderful things happened there, but I'm going to focus on the corn dogs.

Vickie bought Teo a corn dog for lunch. And some watermelon. I fed my poor kids the same horrible, boring sandwiches I feed them every day. So they did what any ill-mannered children would do. They begged for food.

Jack ate an entire order of fries that Vickie was kind enough to bring to my kids. Sam asked for a piece of watermelon and then proceeded to eat ten pieces of watermelon. And Quinn and Sam both begged for bite after bite after bite of Teo's corndog.

In desperation to let the poor kid eat his own lunch already, I promised them we'd go to the grocery store and get corn dogs for dinner. So we went to the grocery store.

Have you ever tried to find corn dogs at the grocery store? Did you find them? Where the hell are they? Because I couldn't find any corn dogs.

I wandered the store with my three kids stuffed into the cart and a bag of ice underneath the cart rapidly melting. In my head I was thinking about how to avert a freakout when the corn dogs I'd promised turned out not to exist.

We looked in the frozen section, the butcher section, and the hot dog section. These all seem like places where corn dogs might reside. But no.

I ended up telling them we would have pizza for dinner, and eat corn dogs on the vacation we're leaving for tomorrow.

This has rapidly become the high point of said vacation. At this point, we could see Bigfoot, but the vacation would be a complete waste if we don't find a Hot Dog on a Stick.

Wish us luck.

See them doing science?


I am also thrilled to tell you that the one of my humor heroes, Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah, awarded me a Perfect Post award for my post on How to Save Up For Your Vacation.

Thank you, Sarah.

For more Perfect Posts, visit Kimberly or Lindsay.


  1. We LOVE the MD Sci Ctr! Did you go through The Body? Our kids liked it a lot, and also found it very, very gross. K'nex is coming soon - that's a good one. We saw it at another museum about a year ago.

    We get Morningstar veggie corndogs in the frozen vegetarian section. They're really good. I mean, they're not greasy goodness, but they're still tasty.

  2. We mostly stuck to the kids room and Newton's Alley. They loved every second.

    I did look for the Morningstar ones too and they didn't have them at the store I was at. They had the bacon, and the sausage and everything else, but not the corn dogs. :(

  3. how does stimeyland survive without corndogs?!?!

  4. You are welcome.

    Yuu can repay me in corndogs.

    And beer.

  5. I know I've bought them - but - I have no idea where.

  6. Blech, I hate corn dogs but they seem to be on every kiddie menu of every restaurant we go to. My boys love them. Aiden orders them and then tears off all of the corn bread to eat just the hot dog. Why doesn't he just get a hot dog?? Who knows. Good luck on your quest.

  7. You so totally deserve the perfect post.

    Go, Stimey!

  8. What store did you go to? I work at a Giant in Pennsylvania and we have the corn dogs in the frozen meat section. Sometimes you can find them in the regular frozen food section.

    Hope that helps.


  9. Today my son ordered a hot dog for lunch and it came with all these elaborate cuts into the skin--making it look kind of like one of those curly ribbons. Anyway, he kept saying, "My, this is a FANCY hot dog. Why's it so FANCY mom?" Wonder what he'd have to say about a corn dog...

  10. here in AZ they are in the frozen section with like the chicken nuggets. My boys love corn dogs but weren't fans of the store bought ones...such snobs!

  11. ROTFL!

    For the record, really, Teo's happy to share food. And so am I :). And we'd love to share again when you guys are able to visit!

  12. Uh, good question about the corn dogs. Costco has them in the frozen section and Trader Joe's sells frozen veggie MorningStar Farms corn dogs but other than that, you've got me! Besides giving you way more info than necessary, I hope your vacation is filled with corn dogs!

  13. Dude - all of our children eat everything Teo brings to playdates. Glad yours do too!

  14. Can't wait until reverse psychology starts to work on my son with regards to what he eats. Either he is smarter than me or it just doesn't work yet. Hoping for both!:)

  15. The Safeway on Randolph Rd has corn dogs in the frozen food section. They were even featured at the end section - regular and mini - who knew? Enjoy!!


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