Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Selling Out

Thus far I haven't done many reviews. Really, I did one. And then I unintentionally did another one. But then I went to BlogHer and the VTech people had all these cool toys there, and I couldn't control myself, so I wrote my information down on a piece of paper for them.

And then they emailed me and were all like, "Hey, do you want free VTech stuff? 'Cause you can be part of our demo team, which means we'll send you free stuff and you'll give us feedback."

Or something like that. I totally didn't get very far because I mostly saw the words "free VTech stuff."

And I emailed back to tell them that, yes, I would be delighted to receive free VTech stuff, and what are your expectations, and here are my kids' genders and ages, and they really like hand-held video games.

And then a few days later, a giant box arrived in the mail.

I have happily entered the world of product review.

If you would like to hear some of my happy thoughts on VTech's V-Motion and VWhatsahooey, check out my new review blog: Things. And Stuff.


  1. dude, if they offered to send me stuff, I would TOTALLY sell out.

  2. Don't forget to tell those v-tech people about your bloggy friends. ;)

  3. After working on this and that and starting a review blog this week, and leaving my feed reader & writer friends woefully neglected, I caught up today and realized you'd started a review blog the week before.

    I think going to BlogHer had an effect and I feel much better about the review blog thing since the always amazing Stimey jumped on the bandwagon too.

    Bring on the free sh*t!!


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