Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jack Came Home Early Today. But Not For The Reason You Might Think.

It was 9:40 this morning when the phone rang. I had just finished vacuuming and straightening up my house in preparation for the five-family playdate I was hosting at 10 a.m. I think I said "oh no" out loud before I looked at the caller ID.

"MONTGOMERY CNTY" and a familiar phone number...it was Jack's school calling. But at least this time it wasn't the principal.

It was the school nurse calling to tell me that Jack was saying he was sick and that I should come get him.

Twenty minutes later, Quinn and I arrived at the school after having canceled on my friends at almost literally the last minute. Jack was lying on a cot in the health room with his aide sitting next to him. Jack looked completely pleased. I think the room, with its quiet and its beds and its curtained-off spaces suited him.

His aide told me of Jack's erratic, weepy behavior that morning right before she gave him a sweet look and said, "I love him." I was signing Jack out when he started insisting that he tell the principal he was sick. Jack and Quinn made such a ruckus (Jack trying to get to the principal's office, Quinn trying to hold him back and yelling, "I've got him! I've got him!") that the principal came out.

Jack told him he was sick and the principal gave him a huge hug and we were on our way. Jack burst into tears on the way home, crying out, "I'm sick and I'm sad." If you've ever seen Jack cry his giant tears, you know that they practically scream of devastation. I'm largely powerless against them.

By the time we got inside and to the train table though, all seemed well. At lunch he ate a giant helping of peanut butter and honey sandwich. By 1:30, when I had a quick visitor who had never met Jack before, he was so perky that she had to ask, "He's home sick?"

I think maybe he was tired and stressed this morning and needed a mental health day. Maybe he was at the tail end of a 12-hour bug. I don't quite know. I just hope he doesn't figure out that saying he's sick is the way to get sent home. I wouldn't put it past him.

I tried not to make the day too fun, but dammit, I'm a fun person.


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  1. You just crack me up every time I read your blog. Glad to hear that Jack is feeling better. Jonathan has been so tired since he started kindergarten. I think it's just so much to process all at once.


  2. If it helps, Joey had the 12-hour flu today. Well, the 3-hour flu. He started complaining his tummy hurt after therapy, didn't eat much, and laid about until bedtime, when he suddenly perked up and looked and acted fine.

    We'll see how the morning goes.

  3. Jack and Evan must be in cahoots! Poor little man, I didn't let him do anything fun when he was home. He said, "why didn't you tell me I wouldn't be able to ride my bike when I got home, before you came to get me?" Hmmm. So sick. He made it through the day today, but did cry at school. Uggh! this is hard. I am meeting with the teacher and counselor to talk about his stuff. Aparently, he's got a lot of it.

  4. I think Jack and I have a lot in common. This happens to me every so often at work. Except - no one hugs me before I go home.

    EVERYONE needs mental health days - even kids. And I KNOW my son would catch onto that "sick=go home and play with mom" trick immediately. Luckily - he's much younger than Jack - so by the time that happens, I'll have read about how you handled it and know what to do. You are fun AND informative.

  5. Definitely a mental health day. I hope it helped!

  6. Sounds like Jack is in a wonderful atmosphere with caring people at school. That helps SO much!

    Peanut butter and honey might make ME perk up too!

  7. At least your house was clean!

    Kindergarten is exhausting. They really need Fridays off : )

  8. I can't believe that school has barely started and you have already had each of your kids sick. And are barely bitching about it. I know you have bigger things on your mind, but still--impressive.

  9. Wow, what a lovely aide he has!!!!! I'm sorry he was 'sick'. Patrick complains so often that his 'tummy hurts' that I finally told him he might as well stop saying it because I don't believe a thing he says anymore. Sigh. I know there's never really anything wrong with him... so far. God help him when something really IS wrong, because I'll probably not be buying it until he ralphs in my shoes.


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